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Random Ramsdom 1/31: still not Super Bowl Sunday yet

The big game between the LA Rams and the New England Patriots is on the horizon — here are the hottest stories!

Super Bowl LIII - Los Angeles Rams Practice Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Jared Goff’s Cal coach explains how the Rams use college plays to win | SB Nation

This is a great read — Sonny Dykes really gets into the details of what makes the Rams exciting. There are also a lot of gifs that help drive home the point.

Rams star running back regrets teaching Pats RB all he knows | Yahoo Sports

Rams star RB, Todd Gurley II, had some fun with reporters at the expense of former George teammate and current Patriots RB Sony Michel.

Rams male cheerleaders are ready to make history at Super Bowl | LA Times

Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies are ready to bust some moves while turning some heads this Sunday. This is a feel good story that is definitely worth a read.

DeSean Jackson would like to play for the Rams | ESPN

It’s crazy that a player signed to a contract with another team (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) would be speaking openly about his desire to play for the Rams. I don’t blame the guy. Have you been to Tampa Bay in August and September? Yuck.

Rams wide receiver surprises team janitor with Super Bowl tickets | CNBC

WR Brandin Cooks seems like a good guy. The LA Rams made a great decision in signing him to a long-term contract. Besides his obvious talent on the field, he’s a leader in the locker room and an inspiration to the community.

Will Sean McVay’s team put up a fight vs. Patriots in Super Bowl? | CBS Sports

I mean, check this article out, but the foundation of the argument is pretty weak since they’re looking at how the LA Rams performed in their other Super Bowl appearances with NONE of their current players playing in the games. But I get it, it’s Super Bowl week and if we deserve anything, it’s a constant stream of content relating to #SuperBowlLIII

Jerry Jones is making super money on the Rams | Star-Telegram

Man, this article is such a fan of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that you’d think it was written by Jerry Jones or a member of the Jerry Jones Fan Club.

Bill Barnwell breaks down the Rams-Patriots matchups | ESPN

A revenge game 17 years in the making.

Coach Sean McVay feeling good ahead of Super Bowl | Newsday

Is Sean McVay is household name yet? If not now, it will happen soon, right?

Famous hot dog stand changes its colors for Rams | Touchdown Wire

Pink’s Hot Dogs is an institution in Los Angeles and it’s a fun thing that they did for Super Bowl week: they changed their colors to blue and gold. I mean, they basically replaced their pink awning with a blue and gold banner. Looks good, I say they keep it!

In St. Louis, former Rams fans aren’t rooting for them, they’re suing them | SB Nation

There’s still a lot of bad blood in St. Louis, but you knew that.

Rams plays says ‘you should be nervous’ playing in Super Bowl | Daily Local News

RB C.J. Anderson, already the owner of a Super Bowl ring with the Denver Broncos, spoke with CNN about playing in the big game. He has a pretty tasty quotes. Check it out.

Could Jared Goff complete a ninja course? | American Ninja Warrior Nation

Super Bowl week is pretty wild, y’all.

Bill Belichick makes Tom Brady study punt coverages | Washington Post

An interesting look into what makes the Patriots so effective — it’s the little things, guys.

Philip Rivers has some insight about the Super Bowl | LA Times

The Fight For LA has gotten to the point where Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers is giving his take on what the Los Angeles Rams need to do to beat the New England Patriots. Cool, cool, cool.

Whom should you root for in the Super Bowl? | ESPN

You guys don’t need to take this quiz, but maybe send it along to the jerks in your life that don't know who they should cheer for on Sunday.

Roger Goodell did not consider overturning Rams win | Kansas City Star

Can you imagine?