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Random Ramsdom 1/29: Super Bowl Opening Night Edition

Plenty of Wade Phillips in this edition of the Random Ramsdom

Super Bowl LIII Opening Night Fueled by Gatorade Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Rams fans can’t find throwback Super Bowl jerseys anywhere and they’re not happy | Rams Wire

I’m leading this week with this, because this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s Bull that the only two jersey styles being sold on the Fan Site with the Super Bowl patch are NOT the ones that are going to be worn by the team. WTH. Forget suing the NFL for not making a PI call, I propose suing them to demand they make this throwback Super Bowl Jersey!

Court Document Reveals Roger Goodell, NFL Admit Refs Blew Call in Saints vs. Rams | Bleacher Report

You don’t say...

Madden NFL 19 simulation has Rams beating Patriots | ESPN

The devine oracle of our computer overlords have spoken, and so it will come to pass.

Wade Phillips chose his throwback attire to “recognize” his dad | Pro Football Talk

I love this picture of Wade Phillips. It may be to honor his dad, but it fits him fine too.

You’re Either In or You’re Out: Ranking the Impact of the Rams’ Offseason Moves | The Ringer

Some of these moves, like the Suh acquisition, have taken a while to pay off, but overall, they’ve paid off.

Rams’ Nickell Robey-Coleman clarifies comments about Tom Brady | OC Register

To say that age hasn’t had an effect on Tom Brady is a lie. He may still be performing at a high level, but he’s definitely not the same quarterback he was five, ten or fifteen years ago. That doesn’t mean he’s not still dangerous.

Wade Phillips on How He Plans to Stop Tom Brady | James Palmer

Tony Romo is God’s Gift to NFL color commentary, and the man is downright prescient sometimes! Wade jokes, but I want the Rams to offer him a job as special assistant to someone this offseason. I’m sure CBS plans on locking him down with a hefty paycheck though, I hope he calls more Rams games next season though, he’s a pleasure to listen to during games.

Randy’s Donuts Iconic Doughnut Sign Gets Rams-Themed Makeover | CBS LA

This is a fun one, I happen to drive by Randy’s on Sunday as the fam and I were leaving Roscoe’s and saw this transformation mid-paint job. LA is truly become the Ram’s House.

Bill Belichick’s praise of Wade Phillips is seen by some as something other than that | Pro Football Talk

I definitely felt this was backhanded compliment. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Tom Brady vs. Aaron Donald Is the Must-See Matchup in the Super Bowl | The Ringer

Any Football fan, regardless of team loyalty, who says that they aren’t excited to see how this matchup shakes out is a damn lie.