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A Los Angeles Rams fan lawyer responds to the lawsuit from New Orleans Saints fans

The Professor takes a crack at one of the most frivolous lawsuits to be filed. Ever.

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Complaint

Disgruntled New Orleans Saints fans have filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming they were deprived of an appearance in Super Bowl LIII thanks to the now infamous no call on Los Angeles Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman.

The remedy they seek from the Court is to either have the entire game replayed or to restart the game over again at the spot of the foul with 1:48 left in the game down by three points.

In responding or attacking the complaint, one could either answer with affirmative defenses or file a motion to dismiss.

The motion to dismiss is the most likely form of pleading which should be filed in the action since it disposes of the case quickly without the need to litigate the merits of the claims.

The centerpiece of my motion would be to focus on what the Saints fans are seeking can equitable relief. A remedy based on fairness. The filing alleges that the Court can invoke its discretionary power to rule in their favor because they were cheated; however, in order to invoke equity, one must provide equity.

Thus, therefore, herein, I would argue that Saints fans have no standing to call upon the Court to provide them equity, when their own team committed the original sin.


The complainers refuse to acknowledge that when their team broke the rules, they should’ve been forced to vacate and stripped of Lombardi Trophy as a phony champion.

In the year of the incident, 2009, every team in the NFL who faced their team was themselves deprived of a fair chance of winning the game due to BountyGate. Additionally, many of the same culprits involved in BountyGate scandal now profess to feign an utter lack of knowledge concerning their own wrongdoing back then like Head Coach Sean Payton who was himself suspended for an entire year as a result of his participation in BountyGate.

At this point, Saints fans could argue that this was over nine years ago, thus, therefore, and wherefore the statute of limitations has run; however, it should be pointed out that the Saints haven’t learned from the penalties imposed which would require the court to invoke “continuing wrong theory.” Thus, the statute of limitations continues to run as long as one repeats the same behavior which BountyGate were designed to prevent.

New Orleans has refused to return the Lombardi Trophy back to the NFL and continues to claim or maintain they’re rightfully a Super Bowl Champion. Every football fan other than delusional Saints fans know this can’t be true if you broke the rules the year your team won.

Additionally during the course of the NFC Championship game, Saints fans conveniently fail to acknowledge that Rams QB Jared Goff similarly was not afforded a call on a facemask. WR Robert Woods’ head was stomped on after he was clearly down. Neither of those events were penalized, i.e., those who seek equity must do.

It would be helpful to remind the Court to further point out the hypocrisy of the Saints fans as it was Rams fans who tried to warn them that the crew officiating the game selected by the NFL was deficient. A petition was distributed through social media asking the league to replace the officials prior to game. No Saints fans joined Rams fans in signing the petition. Instead, Saints fans mocked Rams fans.

It could only be assumed this would silence Saints fans much like the Superdome crowd noise level was quieted when K Greg Zuerlein’s 57-yard FG sailed through the uprights to clinch the game, sending the Rams to the Super Bowl. But not these Saints fans who now come hat and hand to the Court asking for forgiveness. “We were wrong” is too late as it does not constitute a signature on the petition.

Well Saints fans, unfortunately this isn’t the the way our legal system works.

Facts are facts.

The Los Angeles Rams are going the Super Bowl, the Aints aren’t.

We beat your team so that you won’t have to wait two weeks to watch them play again and therefore, thereat and wherefore you can have the pleasure of watching them play this week since its last time you’ll be seeing your players in 2018 til next season...ENJOY THE PRO BOWL.

(Editor’s note: Good lord, the Professor is a goofball.)