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Los Angeles Rams LT Andrew Whitworth on no-call on Rich Eisen Show: “It’s an excuse, however you cut it”

Big Whit explains why the New Orleans Saints, and their fans, can move on from the no call

You know what, we’re just feel happy that we went through that game, the adversity that we faced and found a way to win it. And you know Rich, I’ve played 13 years. I’ve played a ton of games. I’ve had a ton of calls that could have gone one way or the other or should have or whatever that have claimed to have been missed. But I’ve lost a playoff game to a coach being on the field getting a personal foul drawn from our players.

So, I’ve experienced it, man, and I know it’s tough. But the reality is, football was played after that snap, and you know what, whatever team tries to win the game from there and wins it won the football game.


You see the arguments from some of the [New Orleans] Saints’ players about the rule about the commissioner restarting the game over or from that point or whatever. My argument to that would be, Rich, is then [Rams QB] Jared Goff got a facemask on the 2nd down on the possession before that was not called. That’d be 1st and goal at the 1 down three points. If you look at our odds from the 1 this season, that’s seven points. So they’d be down four, and a field goal wouldn’t matter. They would have had to scored in that situation either way.

So the reality is, where is the last foul that you want to argue? Whether it’s blatant or not is not a matter. It’s whether it’s a foul.

So, it’s just one of those things that’s a slippery slope, and it’s an excuse. [However] you cut it. And the reality is they got football after that snap. They played in overtime with the football. [The] New England [Patriots] had the same situation and won the game. They didn’t score; we did.

We can argue about it all day, but they had an opportunity to win the game and we won it.

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