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Random Ramsdom 1/22: Blown Calls, Bandwagons, and The Tango

This and more on your Super Bowl Bound edition of the Random Ramsdom!

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NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Rams’ McVay knows PI call missed, but also saw Goff facemask | Fox Sports

Suffice it to say, RIP my mentions on Twitter because I have opinions about this. No one was denying it was a missed call. No one was denying it was a game altering miss. But so were the handful of other penalties that weren’t called over the course of the game.

As the game plays on, Sean McVay and his “Get Back Coach” tango on the sideline | NFL Films

If you haven’t seen this, you need to go watch it. Like right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait........ Done? Ok, moving on.

In Rams’ case, the bandwagon effect isn’t bad at all | OC Register

Welcome aboard everyone.

Jared Goff had to overcome noise, technology | Pro Football Talk

I missed the part where they taped the ear holes in the helmet. Crazy. I guess they weren’t loud enough though.

Rams respect Patriots but look forward to Super Bowl challenge | Los Angeles Times

Tom Brady is good. But he’s been beaten, and he will be again. This game is about one thing for me — Redemption.

Ticket Prices Soaring For 2019 Super Bowl Redemption Matchup | CBS Los Angeles

Go to the Super Bowl... or buy a house? Decisions, Decisions.

Super Bowl LIII Will Have a Young Coach, an Old Coach and a Lot of Things in Between | New York Times

You think the young head coach thing will ever get old for the media?

Aaron Donald surprises no one, wins 2018 PFF Defensive Player of the Year | PFF

Nothing to see here, move along.

Mike Francesa thought Todd Gurley actually swapped jerseys with an official | Rams Wire


Did the Best Running Back in Football Really Lose His Job to a Street Free Agent? | The Ringer

No. He still has his job. My thought is that his bad play wasn’t the only reason he didn’t see much action. CJ Anderson and Todd Gurley are two different types of backs, and Anderson was able to better take advantage of the Saints’ Defense.