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Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints NFC Championship: Game balls highlight QB Jared Goff’s big day

These aren’t your Rams of Week 1.

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Ndamukong Suh and the Rams run defense

Again, Ndamukong Suh displayed another gear, and again, the Rams suffocated one of the best running teams in the league. New Orleans ran the ball in convincing fashion on their opening drive of the second half, but otherwise they were stonewalled. Holding Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram to a combined 46 yards is a triumph that helped starve the Saints offense after a quick start. The big guys are keeping everything in front of them and are sucking up any running back they can get their hands on. Their highlight came in overtime when Suh tossed Mark Ingram backwards, where Aaron Donald eventually devoured Ingram for a six yard loss. This was the Rams’ vision way back in August.

Tight Ends and receiver Josh Reynolds

Tyler Higbee, Gerald Everett, and Josh Reynolds all made big plays down the stretch. Tyler Higbee caught a pair of catches from Jared Goff in overtime to help the Rams move into Greg Zuerlein’s range. Gerald Everett also made his presence felt with a stumblin’ bumblin’ 39 yard romp in the 4th quarter. The tight ends combined for six receptions for 75 yards, which isn’t bad when considering they other receivers that need to eat too. Reynolds is doing his best to provide the Rams with a much needed third receiver, and had some big catches in the 4th quarter. He finished with 4 receptions for 74 yards, and also had 16 yard run on a sweep.

Jared Goff

Furious helmet tapping, a few drops, a couple lacking drives, Rams fans looking on in horror, but eeeeeeasy! Goff doesn’t care.

Goff was cool under pressure and just kept playing until the dust settled and the men were separated from the Saints. Unless the Rams end up playing in a snowstorm, it doesn’t seem like any situation itself will be able to rattle Goff too much, provided he has some sort of protection up front. While statistically comparable, Goff seemed to have more poise than Brees down the stretch after the defenses made adjustments.