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Filed under:’s Daniel Jeremiah’s first 2019 NFL Mock Draft has Los Angeles Rams poaching talented Clemson Tigers defensive line

One of the biggest stories of the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft will be the defensive linemen with Clemson supplying their fair share. Could the LA Rams bring a Tiger to LA?

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

While the Los Angeles Rams are prepping for the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship, most of the NFL has already turned its sights to the offseason and the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft.

So with an eye toward our shifting priorities in about three weeks regardless of what happens, we have a new mock this weekend from’s Daniel Jeremiah.

One of the great aspects of mock season is that once things start to heat up and we start to get our first mocks of the year from various analysts is that they can upend the early conventional wisdom. Different perspectives based on individual scouting that don’t necessarily adhere to the assumptions we’ve built to this early point.

And that’s what we’ve got from Jeremiah here.


So at #30, who does Jeremiah mock to the Rams?

#30.) Clemson DT Dexter Lawrence

The Rams might need someone to replace Ndamukong Suh, who’s due to become a free agent this offseason. Lawrence has a very similar skill set and playing style.

The logic’s obvious with Kiper having mocked us to take OSU DT Dre’Mont Jones. Lawrence would be a fine addition; Kiper mocked him 26th overall, FWIW. And I couldn’t give a hoot about Lawrence missing the college football playoffs this year due to performance-enhancing drugs. If anything, I’d be interested in why he got caught.

So let’s get ready for tomorrow. We’re still playing football. Whether it’s come Monday or in a little more than two weeks’ time, we’re gonna begin turning our attention to the offseason and the offseason process.

Here’s hoping it’s in more than two weeks with some jubilation powering that change in attention.