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How “We Not Me” can send the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl

The Rams don't need to jump on the shoulder of any one specific play or player to win on Sunday. That’s precisely how they’re going to end up in Atlanta.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

When a team makes its way to the Super Bowl, there is usually a player that the team gets behind and is the undisputed MVP once they nail down the victory. Last year, it became QB Nick Foles, who used the momentum of his “next-man-up” situation to lead the team through the playoffs.

With the New Orleans Saints, QB Drew Brees seems pretty integral to the team and if he had a terrible game or even had to sit out, the Vegas odds would probably be in chaos.

The Los Angeles Rams have a lot of star players, that’s not up for debate, but their team culture isn’t riding on their individual hot streaks. If QB Jared Goff isn’t on target for the day, they’ll rely on their newly constructed two-headed monster. If RB Todd Gurley isn’t feeling right and RB C.J. Anderson overdoses on shrimp po’ boys, then jet sweeps with WR Josh Reynolds and WR Robert Woods will come into play. Hell, if everything goes to shit, maybe P Johnny Hekker will take some snaps behind center.

“We not me” isn’t just a locker room catch phrase, it’s the foundation of the Rams’ roster.

With quarterbacks being such a heart and soul element to a team, it’s interesting that Jared Goff hasn’t had any injury issues, but his role, while important, seems different from the others three QBs in the conference championship games. And that’s not a knock on his talent, it’s more of an interpretation of the culture that coach Sean McVay has implemented in the locker room.

The LA Rams don’t live or die off one player. Good game or bad game, Jared Goff just has to do what he’s done all season and his team will lift him up.

So, when the Rams leave the field on Sunday vs. the Saints after a hard-fought W, don’t be surprised if a player stopped by reporters isn’t Goff or Gurley — it could be anyone. Maybe they’ll interview the whole team, who knows?

Because that’s the magic of the 2018-2019 Los Angeles Rams.

We. Not me.