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Random Ramsdom 1/17: Let’s talk about refs, baby

Here’s your daily serving of hot Rams news. Dig in!

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Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Michael Thomas key to New Orleans Saints - Los Angeles Rams game | Sports Illustrated

As far as narratives go, hyping WR Michael Thomas as a game changing receiver that the Rams need to stop is pretty effective.

Saints preparing for a one-two punch |

You’re damn right. RB Todd Gurley and RB C.J. Anderson have another chance to light it up on the national stage. Get the gumbo ready and save some for C.J.

(WATCH) How will New Orleans stop Aaron Donald | ESPN Get Up

It’s a good question, I give up.

Sean Peyton gives credit to new acquisitions for the Rams | Rams official site

Some choice quotes from the opposing head coach regarding how the Rams have improved since the last time the two teams played. CB Aqib Talib gets some love, so that’s cool.

Rams fan starts petition to remove referee Vinovich from NFC championship | Rams Wire

This story is a wild one that I don’t particularly subscribe to, but it’s very entertaining once you take a step back. Did you know that the Rams are 0-7 when Bill Vinovich is the head ref?

The media is in love with the Rams fan petitioning to remove the ref | Bleacher Report

This story has legs, Ramily.

Head coach Sean Peyton puff piece | USA Today

In case you were on the fence on your opinion of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Peyton, this will really steer you in the right direction.

The betting angles for the Rams-Saints game | CBS Sports

An old man once told me, “never bet on your favorite team.” So, interpret that any way you’d like.

(VIDEO) MTV star strips down to show love for the Rams | 97.1 The Ticket

So, it’s come to this. If you want to click the link, do it, I ain’t judging. Things are crazy, dude. I get it. But you don’t need to read talk about the link; no new information is going to change your mind.

Did the Cowboys’ playoff run hurt their franchise? | The Ringer

Only slightly Rams-related, but still a good read. If the Cowboys had only worn the right cleats, we wouldn’t be talking about the Rams in the NFL Championship!