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Turf Show Radio S10E47: Divisional round v. Dallas Cowboys recap, NFC Championship v. New Orleans Saints preview

C.J. Anderson likes food.

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0:00 -

5:15 - 3k is heading to the steppes if we make the Big Game

6:12 -



12:52 -

They’re a defensive line that really likes to move a lot. We had a pretty good tell when they were going to do that.

14:58 - “I would say the offensive line won this game, period.” - 3k

16:26 - “I go into every week wanting to take the quarterback’s soul.”

19:16 - Rams RB C.J. Anderson joins the podcast

19:56 -

20:54 -

23:30 - “This was supposed to be Malcolm Brown.”

26:39 - “My player’s demands come down to one word. Ribs.”

27:35 - How long after beating the Dallas Cowboys did McVay go to work on the New Orleans Saints?

33:10 - Did Cowboys EDGE DeMarcus Lawrence’s comments really make a difference?

35:28 - Despite a narrative that Cowboys fans were going to outnumber Rams fans, LA showed out for the game and made it a legitimate home field advantage

39:05 - Goodbye, Cowboys. Hello, Saints. And gumbo!

40:33 - “Sean Peyton’s hobby is finding normal things that people do and then he does like a dick. Sean rides a bike like a dick. He makes coffee like a dick. Sean takes a selfie like a dick! (the joke is he’s not doing anything different, it’s just that he’s doing it makes it dick-like).”

42:53 - Rob is so obsessed with hating Sean Payton that he called New England Patriots QB Tom Brady “Tom Payton”

43:46 -

50:47 - How concerned are you about CB Marcus Peters?

53:57 - Easter egg #1 - “I read my emails.”

54:46 - Easter egg #2 - “Fifteen dollars for a French kiss.”