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Random Ramsdom 1/15: Divisional round reviews & NFC Championship previews

This and more on this exciting edition of the Random Ramsdom!

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Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints had a feeling they’d meet up again in NFC championship | Los Angeles Times

Deep down—or maybe not so deep for some of us—in our hearts, we all knew it would come down to the New Orleans Saints.

What That Eternal Drive Told Us About the Saints—and Their Hopes Against the Rams | The Ringer

This is going to be a rough game, and the Rams are going to have to bring out all the guns to get revenge on the Saints this week.

Rams-Cowboys drew huge TV rating, made FOX broadcast history | Rams Wire

We’re making all sorts of history this season folks.

Rams say Cowboys defense tipped its hand | Pro Football Talk

Let’s hope we’re this good at reading defenses this week, and that OUR defense because equally good at reading the offense.

Rams are ‘a different team’ heading into NFC Championship Game against Saints | Fox Sports

This is the only way to keep winning from here, show them things they haven’t seen from us before.

Rams’ Robert Woods drawing significant praise amidst career in Hollywood | PFF

I love me some Robert Woods, Old Faithful.

Whitworth on Rams’ playoff run: ‘This team has potential for more’ | ESPN

I’m so happy Andrew Whitworth finally got his post-season win. Now lets get him a ring.

Rams given worst Super Bowl odds of final four teams | Rams Wire

I guess the 13-3 season wasn’t enough, I’m like Forget You (ooo ooo ooo)!

How the Rams ran all over the Cowboys after the Seahawks couldn’t | Field Gulls

Because we’re the better team. Boom!