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Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys divisional playoffs: Rams OL dominates, puts NFL on notice

The Rams OL dominated in the divisional round. Can they maintain this level of performance?

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

If I told you that the Los Angeles Rams rushed for 223 yards against a Dallas Cowboys defense that was a top 5 unit against the rush, you probably would have been pretty happy. But the Rams didn’t do that.

They OUT-RUSHED the Cowboys by that amount - racking up 273 total rushing yards. To put that in perspective, the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes had 253 yards passing.

We all witnessed RB CJ Anderson have a pair of monster games at the end of the regular season when Todd Gurley needed to rest his ailing knee. Personally, I thought Gurley would go back to being the workhorse for Sean McVay’s offense. I guess running the ball 48 times keeps you from doing that.

Splitting carries pretty much equally, Gurley and Anderson both topped 100 yards and scored all three of the Rams touchdowns. It’s easy to look at the runs that they ripped off and give them all the kudos. While you wouldn’t be wrong for congratulating them on their performances, the offensive line deserves a lot of the credit as well.

On top of opening up holes for Gurley and Anderson, the OL kept QB Jared Goff damn near spotless. I wasn’t keeping track of how many times Goff got hit, but according to the box score he only got hit once - by Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith.

The OL was dominant and the Cowboys simply had no answer. They are the foundation of this Rams offense and when they’re on the top of their game, games like this happen - and put the remaining teams in the 2019 playoffs on notice.