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Random Ramsdom 1/11: Bring it on, Cowboys!

Links from around the league as the Rams prepare to destroy Dallas

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher Tears Up Discussing Firing by Rams: ‘It’s a Tough Memory’ | Bleacher Report

He’s a very tender fellow. In fact, I believe he squeezed out about 7-9 tears. He was handed a tissue, which he dropped, and was later picked up by former Rams C Tim Barnes.

Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence approaching Jared Goff, Rams like every game -- ‘wanting to take the quarterback’s soul’ | Dallas Morning News

These kids and their video games. I always like to provide a few links from the other side of the fence. Let’s hope these comments wind up on a bulletin board in the LA locker room.

While I don’t quite agree with the final score, the analysis here is sounds. Hint: Rams win!

Stats show Cowboys won’t be able to take advantage of one big Rams weakness | RamsWire

All week, we’ve all been saying “Stop Zeke, stop Dallas.” Here’s a few more logs for that fire.

Sean McVay flattered owners are looking for next Sean McVay | Pro Football Talk

I think it’s important to mention that Kliff Kingsbury likes Krispy Kremes. You heard it here first. Otherwise, apparently McVay sneezed on some kid’s Cheerios the other day and he has received interest from 9 NFL teams.

Rams’ Whitworth looking for 1st playoff win in 8th trip | Associated Press

Aha! Here’s one no one’s talking about. We can blame Marvin Lewis for most of these. If the Rams win one for anyone on Saturday, big Whit would be a great guy to hand a game ball to.

The Rams Need Only One Personnel Grouping to Destroy You | The Ringer

If you didn’t check this out yesterday, you need to read this. Great stuff.

Gurley: “We don’t feel pressure, we apply it.” | Rams Official

Great quote. Great attitude. Let’s hope that knee’s ready to go and TG can back it up.

Daily Dose: Talib is L.A.’s defensive difference maker entering the playoffs | Rams Official

This about says it all:

“The team defensive statistics that show just that are pretty remarkable. In the games in which Talib started in weeks 1-3 and 13-17, the Rams pass defense surrendered a passer rating of 74.5 (third-best in the NFL) and 10.4 yards per reception (seventh-best). In those games, they allowed eight touchdown passes while intercepting 12 passes which was the best ratio in the NFL over those eight weeks.”

Aaron Donald: “It’s win or go home, so you’ve got to leave everything on the field.” | Rams Official

If Aaron Donald leaves everything on the field, one can only hope it’ll include the devastated remains of the Dallas Cowboys offense.