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Turf Show Radio S10E46: Divisional playoffs vs. Dallas Cowboys preview

LA-Dallas in the Coliseum in the divisional playoffs. Let’s pod!

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1:13 - “I was doing syrup drugs. I’m fine.”

3:43 - “I don’t always listen to hip hop, but when I do it’s via cartoon.”

4:02 - Bowl season was beautiful and wonderful and should be cherished for all time

4:42 - Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay’s uncle runs the Outback Bowl and makes more money from it than any other bowl game director

6:48 -

9:05 - “I almost died on my birthday, Rob.”

11:35 - Sean McVay likes Cheesecake Factory because the menu is like a restaurant playbook.

13:05 - It is at this point that approximately 20 minutes of discussion of Nazi sex tunnels were edited out. I say again. Nazi sex tunnels.

14:40 - A double doinker!

16:49 - Rob-o has a vengeance crisis.

20:54 - “I think that’s what everybody is going to be talking about is our chance to avenge Week 1 of the preseason.”

24:29 - Recapping the wild card playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks

28:06 - “The reason the Seahawks lost was because their kicker got butthurt.”

30:05 - Great read from the Professor on the history of the Rams and Cowboys in the playoffs

30:18 - And another great read from Joey on the upcoming crowd invasion from Cowboys fans

32:45 - The decision/s of how to play injured RB Todd Gurley and how thereafter to integrate RB “Meatball” C.J. Anderson

39:40 - The most important game of QB Jared Goff’s career

45:35 - Super Bowl or bust!