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Random Ramsdom 1/10: Saturday Night Fever

The LA Rams-Dallas Cowboys playoff matchup is the talk of the town!

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San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

(WATCH) Steve Wyche expects Gurley to have huge game |

RB Todd Gurley has been off the field for more than three weeks, so there’s a little bit of an unknown when one speaks about his ability to make plays in the Los Angeles Rams-Dallas Cowboys Divisional Playoff game, but this is exactly what Rams fans want to hear.

Todd Gurley is back on the field, testing his knee | LA Times

Gary Klein dishes out some info about Gurley’s return to field activities with the Rams.

A healthy Talib is critical for the Rams to have playoff success | Pro Football Focus

CB Aqib Talib has an interesting influence on the Rams this year. When he was injured, the Rams’ defense was so different (in a bad way) that it was alarming.

Cowboys and Rams set to revise a storied playoff rivalry | Blogging the Boys

Our brother site on SB Nation ran an article about the history between these two teams. The Rams have played the Cowboys eight times in the playoffs, but that last time was 33 years ago!

L.A. is practically a second home for Jerry Jones | Yahoo Sports

This is a big narrative for the game this week — do the Dallas Cowboys have an “almost home advantage” on the road? At least this article has a take: Jerry Jones loves himself some So Cal.

Chargers and Rams in Atlanta? An All-LA Super Bowl? |

Oh, boy. The East Coast sports media would hate this or even more likely, sleep through all the coverage.

Ezekiel Elliot could be the answer to Donald | USA Today

DT Aaron Donald vs. RB Ezekiel Elliot is a much more interesting topic to discuss than the “traveling fanbase of the Cowboys,” but that’s just me?

Cowboys’ playoff trip to LA is reunion for Austin | Fox Sports

Ah, you gotta love the WR Tavon Austin stories coming out this week. Tavon has a big heart and wants to be a big-time player, so I can see him getting really pumped up for this game.