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2019 NFL Playoffs

Everything related to the postseason following the 2018 NFL Regular Season.

Rams-Patriots: bold predictions

The biggest game of the year won’t be decided by the QBs or even the RBs, but rather in the trenches.

Regular season or postseason Rams?

We’ve seen two different Rams teams. The one in the playoffs has been better than the one from the regular season. That’s a good thing for Rams fans.

Random Ramsdom, 2/1

Drop your linen and stop your grinnin’ — it’s business time

Blowout or Nail-biter in Super Bowl LIII?

Can you stomach another last second finish?

Rams-Patriots Thursday injury report

Injuries for both squads on Thursday, 1/31

The time to focus is now

Now the Rams can stop fussing with the media’s shenanigans and just focus on preparing for Sunday.

Rams-Patriots: Staff picks for Super Bowl LIII

The marbles. This one is for all of them.

Rams-Patriots: What to do defensively

Sosa shares his thoughts on what the Rams should deploy defensively and how they should plan for the Patriots’ weapons.

Turf Show Radio, S10E49

3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk go through the football, Nebraska Pizza, and Zombie Bill Belichick.

I’m honestly not even sure what day it is anymore

This week is so much fun, so surreal, and completely overwhelming.

Super Bowl LIII initial injury report

As we begin the final three practices of the year, Gurley is not listed on the initial injury report

McVay talks about Jedd Fisch

The soon-to-be legendary head coach talks about the importance of having a staff he confides in, and why Jedd Fisch is an important part of it.

Patriots will help Goff achieve greatness

Super Bowl LIII could very well be determined by Jared Goff’s reaction to whatever Head Coach Bill Belichick conjures up to defeat the LA Rams.

La Canfora is picking the Rams to lose...for the 11th time in 13 weeks

The Rams will take on the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII this Sunday. JLC, as usual, isn’t taking Los Angeles

Welcome to the circus

I expected this week of following the Rams to be wild. It has exceeded those expectations.

Rams-Patriots: 5 Patriots to watch (Super Bowl)

The Super Bowl is coming. The Patriots are led by QB Tom Brady but who are the other guys that helped New England get here?

Hello, live, from Opening Night in Atlanta!

What an experience.

NRC on Tom Brady: “Age has definitely taken a toll.”

Welp. The Patriots have their bulletin board material.

Super Bowl LIII sendoff rally recap

Thousands of fans came out to wish their Rams luck as they head to Atlanta.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Phillips, Gurley - Jan. 26

Here’s what the trio had to say yesterday.

McVay is proving his mettle

The second-year head coach is making a Super Bowl run against some of the longest-tenured coaches in the league.

Top 10 most ridiculous Super Bowl LIII prop bets

Welp. Let’s get silly.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Waldron, Goff - Jan. 24

Here’s what the trio had to say today.

How will NRCgate affect the Los Angeles Rams moving forward?

Will the whirlwind surrounding a missed call become a distraction or a rallying point as the Super Bowl media circus kicks in?

GMA on Rams’ historic male cheerleaders

Quinton Peron, Napolean Jinnies and coach Emily Leibert were on GMA to talk about their upcoming historic performance in Super Bowl LIII.

Turf Show Radio, S10E48

The Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl.

Zuerlein on initial injury report with left foot injury

One of the heroes of the NFC Championship begins the two-week Super Bowl buildup with a worrisome designation.

A Rams fan lawyer responds to Saints lawsuit

The Professor takes a crack at one of the most frivolous lawsuits to be filed. Ever.

“Put that boy on a motherf*ckin’ Waffle House frying pan”

The Slot God aint got time for haters.

Rams-Saints: 5 Saints to watch revisited

As the Rams get revenge from the regular season, the Saints are crushed for the second year in the row and not going to the Super Bowl.

How badly injured is Todd?

JTG had a career-low four carries in the NFC Championship. Just how badly injured is his knee?

Whitworth on no-call: “It’s an excuse, however you cut it”

Big Whit explains why the New Orleans Saints, and their fans, can move on from the no call

This stream has:

Rams-Patriots Super Bowl LIII game hub

It’s time.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Jan. 21

Here’s what McVay had to say to the media yesterday.

Goff’s big day

These aren’t your Rams of Week 1.

The NFL has to fix more than just the non-call

The NFL shouldn’t continue to wait for "specific bad outcomes" to happen and then fix them. They should just fix them before they happen. We, as fans, deserve it.