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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay September 8 press conference

Here’s what McBae had to say to the media today.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On if he’s getting to the point that it’s time to go play)

“Yeah, you know guys are excited. We’ve got about 48 hours out now, so got to do a good job just kind of resting their minds, resting their bodies, getting ready to go and making sure that we’re ready to go at kick off. It’s going to be a long wait, but we’ve got to be patient and peak at the right time.”

(On how much practicing this weekend and at night will help on Monday)

“I think it wIll based on kind of what I’ve learned, but I think the players are best served to answer that. I know that earlier on you know you feel a little bit kind of sluggish and tired and you feel like you’ve adjusted a little bit. But most importantly, this has been for our players and if they’re feeling good, if their bodies are ready to go in and kind of peaking at that time – just based on when we’ve been practicing and how we’ve adjusted things, then that’s kind of the goal of all of this.”

(On if there’s any update on LB Mark Barron)

“Yeah, he’s the same status. We listed him as doubtful for the game. So, it’s not looking great, but we’ve still got some time being that it’s a night kickoff and different things like that, so we’ll see. But if he’s not able to go, we’ve got a lot of confidence in those guys that’ll be stepping up and looking forward to seeing them compete, if that’s the case.”

(On how WR Pharoh Cooper looks as a punt returner and a wide receiver)

“He’s done a good job. I think one of the things that stood out about (WR) Pharoh (Cooper), really since we got here as a staff and just taking (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) Bones’ advice and listening to (General Manager) Les (Snead) and those guys – and I remember even evaluating him coming out of South Carolina – just a good football player. One of those guys that just finds a way to get it done. He’s breaking tackles, working edges on people and he’s gotten better and better as a receiver – he really plays in that slot position for us. But, he can do a lot of different things for you. Then, as a returner, you see the production that he had last year. He’s consistently fielded the ball for us and made good decisions and now really, it’s going to be about translating that into the games where it’s most important. It’s always hard – just based on the way that we’ve practiced teams in some of these settings – practice special teams is what I’m talking about, in these settings. But, he looks like he’s progressing. I think he’s got an ownership of what we’re trying to get done and we expect him to do well again this year.”

(On if the trainers think they can get Barron to 100% or if they think it’s something that will be week to week)

“It’s really a tough thing because it’s kind of an uncharted territory in terms of just the way that achilles responds. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn’t. Last year, like you mentioned, it kind of flared up based on – I don’t know if it was the weather, there was just the pounding of the games that took a toll on him. But, we all know what a tough competitor Mark is and how much he’s persevered through some of these injuries. But if he’s not able to go, then we’ve got a lot of confidence in (LB) Ramik (Wilson) to be able to step up and do some good things. But, there’s not a tougher person than Mark Barron. So, you know if he’s not able to go, then it’s bothering him.”

(On if there will be a guy that plays a similar role as Former Rams WR Tavon Austin did last year)

“Yeah, you’ll have to see on Monday night. We’ll see. Wish nothing but the best for (Cowboys WR) Tavon (Austin). He did give us a different element – being able to do some different things, specific to his skillset. Pharoh’s a guy that definitely provides a similar skillset, things like that, but we’ll see.”

(On how well DT Ndamukong Suh, CB Aqib Talib and CB Marcus Peters are grasping the new defense)

“I think they’ve done a great job. One of the things that’s consistent about all three of those guys and really (CB) Sam Shields, you can add him into the mix and Ramik Wilson for that for that – these guys play football. They’ve played a lot of football, so they’ve been exposed to some different systems. Aqib has some history playing under (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) in Denver. I think they’ve all got a great feel for the game. They’ve got a understanding of where they fit within the framework of the calls specific to different situations and I think that’s why you see those guys have had such great production throughout their careers. We’re looking forward to seeing them all play together. It’s been good to get (DT) Aaron (Donald) back as well. It’s going to be a great challenge. There’s a lot of things that I know (Head) Coach (Jon) Gruden will do an excellent job presenting from an offensive standpoint. They’ve got a great quarterback in Derek Carr and some elite playmakers to be able to get the ball to, tough offensive line. So, it’s going to be a great challenge and hopefully our guys will be ready to go.”

(On how much of a challenge it was to come up with new wrinkles for the offense)

“I think the biggest thing is every year, whether you look at yourself from a self-scout standpoint and you try to make sure that you evolve and you adapt. The league, especially just from a defensive coaching standpoint, they do such a great job of presenting a variety of looks or adjusting based on year-to-year. Some of the trends that inevitably come up within the framework of a season or over the last couple years, so we try to be mindful of that. You know part of that is studying yourself, but then part of that is also not being afraid to study some other people. There’s a lot of really good coaches around this league and in college as well, that we’ve studied some different tape. It’s about if it fits our players. We’re certainly – I’m not afraid to steal a play from somebody if we feel like it fits us. All these plays, I can promise you that not a single play we run we were the first ones to do it. It’s all kind of going back from just adjusting it off of what other people have previously done. That’s why you feel fortunate to have been exposed to a lot of good coaches that teach you and then you try to adjust to your players.”

(On if he’s planning on watching games tomorrow and if so, does he think he’ll see a lot of plays from the Rams offense being stolen around the league)

“Well, I don’t think it’s really our offense. I think maybe it’s a couple plays, like I’ve said, that’ve been run before. It wasn’t like we were the first ones to invent it. A lot of the stuff that we’re doing has been a collaboration of our coaching staff. (Run Game Coordinator) Aaron Kromer has great ideas. (Pass Game Coordinator) Shane Waldron, (Quarterbacks Coach) Zac Taylor, (Wide Receiver Coach Eric) Yarber, (Running Backs Coach) Skip Peete – everybody’s contributing to what we’re really trying to get done offensively. It’s been really a unique situation of work with such a great group and let’s figure out how we can adjust to our players. When you’ve got good players like we do, it makes it fun. Definitely want to watch those games – get some stuff done –because I still am a fan. Can’t wait to see some of these guys compete but it’ll feel like probably an eternity sitting around all day on Monday waiting to play. I’m talking to myself as much as anything saying don’t be too early.”