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2018 college football Week 2 live thread, streaming, TV info

After a wild Week 1, the slow burn of early season play begins.

USC Trojans HC Clay Helton during the Pac-12 Conference Championship against the Stanford Cardinal, December 1, 2017.
USC Trojans HC Clay Helton during the Pac-12 Conference Championship against the Stanford Cardinal, December 1, 2017.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 college football is a go.

An actual look at Houston DT Ed Oliver

12:00pm ET, ABC/ESPN2

Have you seen Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald? Then you’ve seen Ed Oliver. Well, that might not be fair.

To Oliver.

At this point in his career, Oliver is the supreme prospect which is saying a hell of a lot obviously as Donald just got a record-breaking contract as the highest-paid defender in NFL history.

Of course the problem for Oliver at Houston, unlike Donald during his time in the former Big East and one year in the new Pitt home of the ACC, is that he doesn’t face much NFL-caliber talent.

Which means if you’re going to watch Oliver as a casual observer, this might be the only chance to get to see him against decent opposition when Houston takes on Arizona. East of the Mississippi River in the US will get it on ESPN2 while the Western half will get it on ABC.

Ed Oliver’s the best player in the country even if he won’t go #1 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. If you haven’t seen him, this is the best look all year save for a bowl game with the weak early schedule nationally and a national broadcast for the Cougars.

Georgia’s NFL-ready roster on the road against South Carolina

3:30pm ET, CBS

A TON of talent in this one and not just for the 2019 draft. There’s about a 66% chance or so by 2021, we’re looking at this game and looking at one or two future Rams involved. Ask RB Todd Gurley, WR/KR/PR Pharoh Cooper or ILB Ramik Wilson about it.

I’ll be eyeing Georgia EDGE D’Andre Walker. He’s not the premier talent that will tempt teams drafting early, but should be in play for the Rams...somewhere on their draft board.

#2 Clemson to be tested on the road against Texas A&M

7:00pm ET, ESPN

The 2019 draft is going to be well-populated by Clemson especially by their defensive linemen early on. That makes for great viewing with A&M OL Keaton Sutherland and Connor Lanfear trying to help deal with a Clemson D-line that could feature four first-round picks in DT Christian Wilkins, DT Dexter Lawrence, DE Clelin Ferrell and DE Austin Bryant.

Rams fans will also be interested in ILB Kendall Joseph and OT Mitch Hyatt, though the nation will be seeing how Clemson balances veteran QB Kelly Bryant with true freshman QB Trevor Lawrence who seems crafted from some kind of NFL laboratory.

#17 USC and #10 Stanford fight to claim early Pac-12 mantle

Too much talent here to single anyone out. You’ve probably got a dozen draftees between the two this year alone before even discussing undrafted free agents or future talents.

What’s interesting here is that #9 Washington (then ranked #6) looked very, erm, unsettled in their loss to #7 Auburn (who gave their #9 spot up after the win). So with this game serving as a bit of a Pac-12 kickoff celebration, it’s a great entry point to West Coast college ball for 2018.

Here’s your watch guide with full schedule, TV listing and stream options.