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Raiders’ WR Amari Cooper thinks they may need to score on every possession to beat the LA Rams

If the Rams’ offense comes out in midseason form on Monday night, Amari Cooper doesn’t think the Raiders can afford to punt

St Louis Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are set to take on the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football in Week 1. Having sat out the entirety of the preseason, it’ll be the first time that fans and media will get to see quarterback Jared Goff and the remainder of their starting offense. That decision to rest them, as opposed to getting them snaps, is concerning to some.

But that decision doesn’t seem to be swaying the opinion of Raiders’ WR Amari Cooper, who feels his team’s offense will need to be of the utmost efficiency.

The Rams lead the league in scoring in 2017, with 29.9 points per game, so if they come out in midseason form, Cooper might be right.

Accomplishing this feat may be a little easier said than done, however, given the amount of talent on the Rams’ defense — to include stellar defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. It would also mean the Raiders’ offense, which ranked 23rd in the NFL in 2017 (18.8 ppg), has improved dramatically.

But crazier things have happened (they haven’t), so stay tuned.