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Top Los Angeles Rams Week 1 storylines

It’s finally time for regular season LA Rams football! You got all your information in order? Don't worry, we got you covered.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

#Paytheman is over and done with — now what?

DE Aaron Donald is feeling the pressure of his huge contract going into the season. But besides that, the NFL world seems to be pretty excited that Donald is ready to destroy QB’s this season.

We have our 53-Man Roster — who did we say goodbye to?

It’s been not as dramatic as past years, but the Rams whittled down their players and we’re set for week 1. Glad to see Steven Mitchell on the practice squad. They even made some cuts after the deadline.

The Los Angeles Rams are a trendy pick to go all the way

And besides a handful of NFL experts picking the Rams, there is also the comparison that the Chicago Bears are this year’s Rams. Every team is different, guys (and their uniforms match).

However, not everyone is picking the Rams to win it all...

Jared Goff’s offense is ready to be unveiled — what do we know?

Gary Klein of the LA Times was very busy that past couple of days. He wrote up a great piece about QB Jared Goff’s Week 1 return to his homeland (Northern California). I’m still a little conflicted that Goff is a San Francisco Giants fan, but I’m trying to deal. Pray for me.

Fox Sports even has a solid peice on Jared Goff’s eagerness to get out on the field with his offense.

The Oakland Raiders made some questionable moves this week

Curious as to what head coach Jon Gruden is thinking about the recent roster moves? Me too.

The Raiders will probably have to score a lot to keep up with the Rams, according to

Lock Angeles is ready to rock

OK! Now you’re all caught up and ready to watch the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football.

Don’t forget to overreact on Twitter if the offense looks rusty!