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Game balls: LA Rams Vs Minnesota Vikings

Zoomp! Zoomp! Zoomp! Zoomp! Zoomp! X5

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Those three receivers in blue and yella’ were cool and deadly on Thursday, and probably deserve some sort of catchy nickname by now. This week though, there is a single game ball, and you can probably guess who gets it...

Jared Goff, QB

I suppose it’s time to gush about our quarterback some more. On Sunday he had a career game against the Chargers. Four days later, he leap-frogged Sunday’s gem with a game for the ages; dimes upon dimes, wedged into tight windows against one of the league’s premier defenses.

Here’s a take that piping hot. Lately he’s been running the offense in a similar fashion to a certain former-Colts quarterback with a huge forehead. Yup, I said it! Omaha!

Seriously, now that his accuracy has cleaned up, Goff has transformed into an actual weapon, the tip of the arrow.

Of course everything compliments everything when an offense gets humming like this, but all of the sudden there’s not very many quarterbacks I can imagine running this machine better than Goff does.

Of course, let’s see how things shake out over the next three quarters of the season, but so far so good. The Vikings and Chargers both were missing their top pass rushers, but are still considered some of the better defenses around, talent-wise.

Now I will let his stat line and some tweets complete this love-fest.

26/33 78.79% 5 TDs 0 INTs QBR 158.3