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Los Angeles Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings: best/worst overreactions

The LA Rams’ offense was more than impressive on Thursday night, masking issues with their pass defense. So, what should fans make of all the post-game hype?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Best Overreaction:

Jared Goff had the game of his career, cementing himself as an elite NFL quarterback

If QB Jared Goff’s first three games were impressive, then yes, this would be a classic bad overreaction. However, Jared Goff is the only QB in the history of the NFL to throw for over 350 yards in three consecutive games with a completion percentage over 70. As oddly specific as that stat may be, it’s still cause for praise for Goff. What was so great about Goff’s performance was that it on national TV, under the LA lights, in the throwbacks, with a raucous crowd, against a good team, and Goff was simply perfect. It wasn’t just short passes off bubble screens either — the dude was dropping dimes. I can’t see how someone can watch that game and shrug at the idea that Jared Goff is elite. Obviously, he needs to keep it up, but this is a hell of a way to start the season.

Worst Overreaction:

The Rams’ pass defense is fine because the offense is so dominant

While this statement has some truth to it, Rams fans can’t be comfortable with the idea that Kirk Cousins was throwing the ball all over the field like he was Jared Goff or something. Beyond our kicker issue (don’t get me started), Grandpa Wade will most likely make some major adjustments with his current crop of defensive backs going into the next game (more FS Marqui Christian, please) against the Seattle Seahawks. And the absence of CB Aqib Talib was definitely felt and CB Marcus Peters wasn’t 100%. So, I think the Rams should be talking about our pass defense more — it’s not broken, but constantly relying on the offense to save the day could be be a recipe for disaster at some point.