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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay, QB Jared Goff, RB Todd Gurley, WR Cooper Kupp, DL Aaron Donald, DL Ndamukong Suh post-game remarks

Here’s what the Rams had to say to the media after the Week 4 win under the Thursday night spotlight.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(Opening statement)

”Great team win for us right there against a really tough opponent. Can’t say enough about the performance of (QB) Jared Goff tonight. To go 26 of 33 (passes), for 465 (passing yards), five touchdowns. Just spraying the ball, getting three guys over 100 (passing yards), (RB) Todd (Gurley II) had 73 (passing yards) I think. I was just great command by him. I thought I put us in some tough spots down in the redzone. I got to be better for us on third down, and then really, defensively, they made enough plays to get us off the grass. I thought that (DL) John Franklin (Myers), great job wrapping up the game and then both (DT Ndamukong) Suh and (DT) Aaron (Donald) had big time sacks that ended up leading to big stops for us. We’ll take it, it’s a tougher, hard-earned win. We’ll enjoy the weekend and we’ll come back ready to go for it for what we know is a great division team in the Seattle Seahawks.”

(On the confidence Goff is throwing the ball with right now and the difficult throws that a lot of guys don’t even try)

”Yeah, no, he really is. I think the one throw to (WR Cooper) Kupp in the back of the endzone was unbelievable. It’s almost like you’re throwing it away and Cooper did a great job saving them a little bit of room and Jared put it in about a six-inch box that he could only fit it into. He felt good pregame, you could just see he had a great command, great poise all night. Unbelievable job by him, really it’s just – it was impressive.”

(On the 70-yard touchdown to Kupp and in what point of the week did they feel like if they got the right look it would be a touchdown)

”We were hopeful that we would be able to get that match up but ultimately you know the guys did a great job. I thought Jared threw that with great touch and trajectory right there. You know where it allowed him to run underneath it and then Cooper to be able to finish. Great protection up front and you know that’s a tough defense. I’ve got so much respect for (Vikings Head Coach) Mike Zimmer and a lot of their players. They present a lot of issues and that’s a really good football team right there, and we’ll take when we can get it.”

(On where he feels like the team is at right now after the first quarter of the season)

”Ultimately your goal is to try to win football games. I think we can still do a lot of things, that we can look at ourselves critically. Certainly, it was a good performance by a lot of guys tonight, but we’ll be consistent with our approach. That’s going to be let’s look at ourselves, let’s figure out how we can continue to improve, how we as coaches can continue to try to put our players in good situations and then you just take it one day at a time. It’s four games in right now, we’ve done what we through this first quarter of the season. I think guys will enjoy a couple of days off, get a little bit of rest and come back refreshed in recuperated for a tough game coming up.”

(On if he feels like the team is in a zone right now and anything he calls right now will work)

”I think the players you know, they’re the ones making the plays. I think they were in a zone. I think you know they’re seeing things the right way. I think just in terms of the efficiency, throwing the football. I thought it was a big time play by Todd at the end right there, to be able to wrap it up with the little tight, downhill run that ended up bouncing to the left sideline, he had the presence to stay in bounds and then we were able to run the clock out right there. But just a lot of guys playing together, playing for each other, understanding kind of what we’re trying to get done, having that identity. I can’t say enough about that group right now.”

(On CB Marcus Peters battling to get onto the field today to play and if he thinks that resonates with the team)

”Oh of course, yeah it really does. I think it demonstrates the toughness, how much he wants to be out there and compete with his teammates. He was fighting through, I thought he had a bunch of good competitive plays tonight. Really, it’s a great demonstration of a true team guy that wanted to be out there with his teammates.”

(On what he attributes Goff’s growth and confidence on the field to)

”I think just a comfort level. I think he’s got such a great command right now and you know he’s intentional about getting better. (Quarterbacks Coach) Zac Taylor has done a great job with him. Really just having him make sure that he has an ownership of the game plan, understands what we’re trying to get done and you know that constant dialogue, that communication that we talk about being on the same page. At the end of the day I think he’s just thrown the ball extremely well. When things are in rhythm he’s been outstanding, giving guys a chance to run after the catch. Then you look at a couple of plays where we ended up running some bootlegs. He’s going to his left, getting his shoulders around, hitting (WR Brandin) Cooks in stride, hitting (WR) Robert Woods, so there’s a handful of plays that he made tonight that are just a great player making great plays, but then also when things were there in rhythm I thought he was outstanding.”

(On the atmosphere tonight and the memo he sent out in the Los Angeles times)

”It was special. It felt very similar to the Atlanta atmosphere in the playoffs and I think that was a great demonstration of people showing up. I thought the players did a great job putting out a product that hopefully makes people want to continue to come out and support us. When you have atmospheres like that you want to continue to provide the fans with those kind of environments and get them excited about it. I thought the players did a great job tonight.”

(On how after the second touchdown Goff pointed to him and told him they were going up for a touchdown celebrate)

”Yeah he drilled me. He got me pretty good right there (laughs). We were both excited. We had talked about that play, and when things work out the way that you hope that’s always a fun exciting moment for the players and coaches. Him and Cooks both got me tonight. Cooks after he ended up hitting the one in the two-minute drive, getting that down the field. It’s good to get him in the end zone too. Lot of fun exciting moments tonight for our team.”

(On how he likes that Goff is even-keel but does it fire him up when he sees Goff engage in that type of celebration with him)

”No it actually mellows me out... yes it does get me fired up (laughs). No, no it’s great, I think he’s having fun. Sometimes you forget about these atmospheres, these environments. No moment is too big for him, and I think when your quarterback demonstrates that, you feel like you’re in good hands. Certainly, he has done an outstanding job really this first quarter this season.”

(On if he remembers the first time he ever saw a team do a flip)

”I think I’ve seen it in college, I’ve seen a bunch of teams in the NFL utilize it as well. We’ve got the personnel that we feel like it’s something that can fit with us and it’s something that we’ll continue to try to expand upon. Really this first quarter when you’ve got a couple days off allows you to kind of evaluate yourself, but then also look around the league and see what’s going on.”

(On if CB Aqib Talib had surgery today as scheduled)

”He did, yes he had surgery. Good news is I think the deltoid was intact. So, I think hopefully we’ll get him back sooner than later. Yes, I won’t forget about that one, Gary (laughs).”

(On how important it is for the defense for DT Ndamukong Suh and DT Aaron Donald to be making the types of plays they did today)

”It’s huge and I think really just the pass rush in general. To be able to get there, to be able to affect and influence the quarterback is something we always talk about. Force the ball to come out early or get him off his spot. (Vikings Quarterback Kirk) Cousins made a handful of great throws tonight but I thought our guys did a great job being able to get there and be in our best and our best was required like we talk about.”

(On if it’s a dream match-up for him as a play caller when he sees that when Gurley runs the seam on one side or where Kupp runs a throwback that they’re matched with a linebacker)

”There’s a lot of great players on the Minnesota defense. Fortunately, our guys when they did get some of the match ups that we wanted based on whatever the play call was, they delivered. That first touchdown you’re talking about, (LB) Anthony Barr is as athletic a linebacker as there is in the league and Todd did a great job kind of run a little route where he got by him and Jared put it in the perfect spot. Then later on, we ended up getting Cooper kind of in a little — it was a little bit of a misdirection, kind of play-action pass. When the players are hitting spots, executing, making the plays when they’re there to be had it sure makes your job as a coach fun to work with these guys.”

(On if he’ll actually take a day off)

”Yes, I think so. My parents are in town — eh, maybe not but, I’ll get a little time to relax. They’ve been in town for the last month with us having these home games and get a chance to spend time with them and my girlfriend so I’m looking forward to that.”

QB Jared Goff

(On if tonight felt like a career night on the field)

”It felt pretty good all night. I thought we did a great job protecting, as we’ve done most of the season this year and, really, all of the season this year. Just keeping me upright and anytime that happens, we’ve got such good guys on the outside and try to get the ball in their hands and let them make plays. Tonight, we were able to do that.”

(On what he saw on the touchdown pass to WR Cooper Kupp in the back corner of the end zone)

”You know, kind of taking a little bit of a chance there and got away with it, but that’s what happens when you’ve got good players. I trust (WR) Cooper (Kupp) and he ran right through it. Wasn’t sure if he was in bounds or not, but he made a good catch on it. I think that just shows kind of my trust in him.”

(On if this was one of those games where he felt he could take those chances and everything was working)

”Not at that point. I felt like I got into a pretty good rhythm towards the end of the first half and felt like we were rolling. It was kind of – we were getting everything we wanted in the run and the pass. They’re such a good defense and when you are able to get the right look and exactly what you want, it kind of is just going your way sometimes. That tended to happen tonight. But again, you see how good they are and how good their defense is, how good their offense is and it was a battle all the way up to the last snap.”

(On how much confidence he has in his receivers)

”Yeah, I think that’s just speaking to the confidence I have in them and the trust I have in them. Those three guys, I think all went for 100 (yards) tonight. It just shows the work that we’ve been putting in together and I feel comfortable with all of them. Really at a good level right now.”

(On what happened on the 31-yard touchdown pass to WR Robert Woods)

”Yeah, just like you said, we were in 13 (personnel) and shifted out into an empty formation and got a good matchup. We had their linebacker on (WR) Robert Woods and had Robert up the seam. It was a great matchup and great designed play there.”

(On what it was like to run to the sideline and chest bump Head Coach Sean McVay)

”(Laughs) I was fired up about that one because that was one we kind of had tweaked with during the week and it came out again, like I said, kind of just how we pictured it and wanted it to. So, I was fired up for him as far as getting that thing off. Told him after, ‘I didn’t mean to knock you over there.’ I was just fired up a little bit.”

(On the decision to rely on the pass game more than the run game tonight)

”Yeah, I don’t know. I think we were just rolling. (RB) Todd (Gurley II) ran really well as well. I don’t know what he averaged, but it had to be at least five (yards per carry) I think. We were kind of getting everything we wanted in the run and the pass. Just the way the game was going, I think we knew with the way their offense was moving the ball, we had to score a lot of points. Sometimes that’s the way it goes, but either way, we put up points sometimes, we go down there and Todd scores a bunch of touchdowns and sometimes we throw them. So, it’s just the way our offense is.”

(On what it feels like when you’re in a zone and everything is working offensively)

”It feels good. It feels really good. I think you work for that. It’s what you strive for. When we got into that rhythm, into that zone early on in that first half it felt really good. Then, I think in the second half it took us a minute to get back into it, but we’re really clicking right now and I feel good about where we’re at and we have a lot of season ahead of us.”

(On if it means anything to him personally to put together this type of performance on a nationally televised stage on Thursday Night Football)

”It feels good to play well. I don’t know if I would have done this and (Vikings QB) Kirk (Cousins) would’ve drove down and scored and gone for two (points) and won, it wouldn’t be feeling very good right now. It feels good to ultimately win and I think the way that game ended, the way we had to really – it was a battle all the way to the end. I mean, we were playing well offensively, but they were as well. Our defense did everything they could there at the end to stop them. Proud of them for fighting back and really making a play when we needed it. They had a lot of time left and we left a lot of time on the clock unfortunately for Kirk there. He had a chance to go down there and our defense made some plays.”

(On how it feels to be in a shootout with a quarterback like Cousins)

”Yeah, it’s fun. It’s fun for us personally. I don’t know if it’s fun for the whole team. It’s cool. Kirk’s a guy that we watched on film forever last year. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and the way he plays. I just think he’s such a great quarterback and getting a chance to go against him like that and kind of duke it out. I told him after the game how much I appreciated the battle with him kind of and he’s a hell of a player.”

(On how much facing the Vikings last year helped him tonight)

”Yeah, it helped a lot. I think just understanding what they do defensively and understanding what their philosophy is and getting beat by it last year. Understanding what not to do against it. They really did a good job against us last year on it and coming away with some stuff this week on a short week – dialing up some stuff – I think it’s a credit to (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) and everything he does and all the study he does and all of our offensive coaches on just dialing up a really good scheme this week, getting some of these plays in premiere looks.”

(On if he thought he would get the type of matchups that they did tonight)

”That’s what you hope for. Yeah, that’s what I think I was kind of referring to. You hope to get that and tonight we did. You don’t ever really know exactly what you’re going to end up getting, but you know if your film study stays true and you dial it up the right way like Sean tends to do, you hope for that and we got that a few times tonight. We were able to execute on it and make plays, protected really well. I think that’s something that we can talk about a little bit more is how well the offensive line is playing right now. They’re playing the best in the league right now and I don’t think it’s really close. The last three or four games, I don’t know what the numbers are, but I’ve hit the ground maybe three or four times. I mean even just hits, pressures – not even sacks. Just all that stuff is incredible and they’re doing such a great job.”

(On how seriously he takes the numbers he put up tonight)

”Yeah, it’s what we needed to win tonight. We had to score 38 points to win and I’m just trying to be the best player I can be every play. Tonight, we made some plays and like I talked about, we protected really well and our receivers made great plays and I was able to throw it to them in the right spots. But, you always hope for that and tonight we got it a lot of the time.”

(On how it feels to get to 4-0 at the quarter season mark)

”It feels good. The first quarter of the season is over now and being undefeated it feels good. It’s where we want to be. We expect to win every game, but you don’t really look this far ahead. But, being 4-0 through four games against four quality opponents – every week is tough. This week is no different. We’re lucky to be 4-0 – I don’t know if lucky is the right word. We’re happy to be 4-0 and we’ve really worked for it.”

(On conceptual football and how it feels to create an overall understanding of the plays they run and the intent behind them)

”Yeah, I think this week you could really get a feel for that being on a short week and understanding how quickly we had to come up with some of these ideas, and really, how quickly Sean had to come up with a lot of these ideas. I think it’s a testament to how well we’re coached and how well they teach us and how well they game plan. The play is called and I say it to the huddle and we go out there and we try to execute to the best of our ability and ultimately it worked tonight. Hopefully it continues to keep working.”

(On if it feels like he has elevated his game to a different level this year)

”No, I feel like I’m playing well in the last couple games, but it can flip like that if you don’t stay on top of it. Just continuing to try to be the best I can on every play, like I said. You want to try to stay in a rhythm and keep momentum going and we have a nice little 10-day break right here coming up. But, you can’t forecast and of that. I think just try to keep working and be the best I can be at practice and just continue to improve and hope for the best.”

(On if this team has a Showtime Lakers feel to it)

”I don’t know. I wasn’t alive (laughs). Yeah, it feels good. It feels good. The crowd was amazing tonight too. I think that’s something we talked about as well, how amazing they were. For myself personally, seeing that grow from my first year until now at this place. Seeing a Thursday night when there is so much traffic and everyone is here and waving those towels and it’s loud and it’s a true home field advantage. It feels good.”

(On if he saw the memo posted by McVay in the Los Angeles Times earlier this week)

”Oh, I did. Yes. To take off work?”

(On if he saw McVay’s signature)

”Yeah, it’s bad, huh?”

(On what he thought of the signature)

”I think the PR department took like a super imposed image and put it on there. I don’t know if he quite signed it.”

RB Todd Gurley

(On how he feels the Rams are doing)

“Pretty good. The only team that’s undefeated right now. Well, at 4-0. Obviously, everybody else plays Sunday, but it can’t get much better than how we’re playing right now – I mean it can, but it can’t.”

(On how Head Coach Sean McVay is able to exploit the match ups with the Vikings defenses in a short week)

“No idea. The guy doesn’t sleep. He’s always putting in work in. That’s why we just play the way we do because he just comes in with the greatest game plan ever and you get to smiling. You just look at that play and look at the film and you can just visualize it. That’s what it’s all about – practicing it, visualizing it and then going out there and putting it on film.”

(On how QB Jared Goff has been playing)

“Lights out. Lights out. He’s been playing like one of the best quarterbacks in this league. Big night for him. He was just killing it. He looked like he was back at Cal today. So happy for him and just this whole offense.”

(On WR Cooper Kupp’s performance)

“Oh, it was great. I told him don’t come back in the locker room unless he had 100 yards and he’s welcome back. We’ve got what? 167 (yards) and two tugs (TDs). So, I’m happy for (WR) Cooper Kupp. He’s a great, great player.”

(On what it means to get to 4-0)

“Shoot, it means a lot. A good feeling. It’s hard to win in this league. It’s hard to be undefeated in this league. We’re taking steps in the right direction.”

(On the atmosphere tonight)

“Hopefully, everybody got off work and had nothing to do and came to the game. The fans were great. You had the towels out there. The atmosphere was great. Appreciate everyone coming out to the game and showing their support.”

WR Cooper Kupp

(On what he saw on the pass in the back corner of the end zone when he scored the touchdown)

“It was one of those ones that I knew they had played it very well. (QB) Jared (Goff) just kept running to the sidelines and was trying to keep it alive a little bit. I thought I’d try to get to that back corner. I thought he was just going to throw it away, but where he put that, it couldn’t have been thrown any better than it was. So, incredible throw by Jared.”

(On what it’s like to be a part of the receiving corps)

“It’s so much fun, so much fun. Our receiving room – just the way that we challenge each other, push each other – there’s not a selfish guy in that room. It makes it so much fun for us. We’ll come out here and just do what we love to do, just play football, play for each other. It’s something that I think we embody on this team in general. Whatever play is called, whoever’s number is called, the other ten guys are all in on making sure that they get the best effort possible from the rest of the guys on the field. It’s a part of what’s making us so efficient, I think, right now, as an offense.”

(On if he even broke stride on the first touchdown thrown to him)

“No, that’s another one that Jared was just able to put it out there perfectly. If that’s one where you do have to slow down, (Vikings LB Anthony) Barr is probably making that tackle. The way that he was able to put that out there, just kept me in stride. It’s huge. He was doing that all night. Jared was able to put the ball exactly where he wanted and made it really easy on us as receivers.”

(On where he is seeing Goff’s confidence most)

“Throughout the game, there’s just a calm – which he’s always had – but, I think the willingness and confidence to make some of the throws he has, I think has just come from reps and being more comfortable in this offense, the more time he has gotten to play under (Head) Coach (Sean) McVay and understand exactly what Coach McVay expects and wants out of each play. His confidence to know that he’s a playmaker. Jared’s an absolute playmaker with how he’s able to place the ball, how he’s able to slide in the pocket and make some of these throws. He’s just being Jared.”

DL Aaron Donald

(On if it’s too early to say that something special is going on here)

“We’re definitely heading in the right direction, but we definitely have room for improvement. We just have to keep getting better and stay hungry, and the sky is the limit. We just have to keep working though.”

(On how the sacks felt)

“It felt good, definitely when you get them in the fourth quarter when we need them. We left some on the field for sure. We should have had more, but as long as we’re getting them down, we’re going to just keep getting better with time and keep playing with each other.”

(On if there was a message for fans after his sack)

“That was just emotions. Sometimes you make a big play and your emotions take over.”

(On how the atmosphere was tonight)

“It was great. It was loud. They were into it with us and they were behind us. That’s what we need. We need to keep that up.”

(On if the defense feels pressure to get a stop in a ‘shoot-out’ type of game)

“That’s what we wanted to do. We wanted to be able to close the game out and be back out there for that two-minute and do what we did. Anytime you have a lot of playmakers around making big plays and putting us in positions to take over, we’ve just got to keep going and keep working.”

(On if he ever watches his offense and is entertained)

“All the time. Did you see that guy (QB Jared) Goff today, man? He was making some throws…it was crazy. We’ve just got to keep getting better and he’s going to keep getting better. I’m just happy to be a part of it and continue to work with this organization and this team.”

DL Ndamukong Suh

(On what it felt like for him and DT Aaron Donald to register sacks tonight)

“It’s great. I’m happy for him that he got his two sacks today. We obviously both know that we had many more opportunities. I missed another one after his first sack and was happy to see the young guy (DL John Franklin-Myers) coming out and join the party as well. Overall, we’ve just got to continue to rush, understand what teams want to do against us and be productive.”

(On if the defense ever gets together on the sideline in situations where the offense is putting up points and the defense is giving up a lot of yardage)

“There’s definitely communication and understanding what mistakes we’ve made. The biggest thing for us is just going out there and executing. We understand we’re going to end up, at some point in time, giving up yardage, but we’ve got to hold people to field goals, find ways to get off on third down. This is the NFL. Guys are going to be successful. They (Vikings) were terrible last week against Buffalo and you see how explosive their offense came back this week, so you have to respect everybody at all times.”

(On if he appreciates how good his offense is and QB Jared Goff’s performance tonight as a defensive player)

“I am very glad Jared is on my side of the ball. I don’t want to go against that offense except for during camp. Very impressive. Expect nothing more and nothing less than what they continue to do, which is explosive and to be very dominant on the offensive side of the ball.”

(On the game being left up to the defense at the end)

“I would just say it as simple as this: Offense puts points on the board and people in the seats. We want to win a championship, so we’ve got to make sure people don’t score. So if people don’t score, we’re going to be a very successful team.”