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Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff makes his case as the 2018 NFL MVP

The System QB sent a message on the national stage that he just might be the best quarterback in the NFL in 2018.

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

If Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff would have played in every preseason game this season (which is not how this works, but go with me on this for a moment), Thursday night’s win over the Minnesota Vikings would have been his final preseason game and his “regular season” would start next week. Instead, Goff walked into Week 1 with the Oakland Raiders and while he put up fine numbers (18 for 33 with 233 yards), the rest of the team was playing at such a high level that Goff seemed average in comparison. His timing was off and he missed receivers badly. Many Rams fans argued that he just needed a couple more games to get his bearings.

Then Jared Goff had arguably his best NFL game against the Los Angeles Chargers with a completion percentage of 80.6. Goff threw for 354 yards (the same amount that he accumulated the previous week against the Arizona Cardinals). Goff was getting some hype, but not like Pat Mahomes. Even Baker Mayfield, a QB who has yet to play a full game in the NFL, was getting more love than Goff last week.

And then Thursday Night Football happened.

RIP, System QB (or not).

Goff scored a perfect passer rating on 33 attempts. He is now the first player to throw 400 yards and 5 TDs on 3 days rest in NFL history. He didn’t just rack up five touchdowns with no interceptions; his big-time throws were works of art.

Against a Vikings team that holds the reputation for having a stout defense, Goff shredded them with beautiful deep passes. In fairness, Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen also fared well against the Vikings last week.

Goff was different.

His command of the offense was eerily confident. To put it bluntly, some of Goff’s best throws simply didn’t give a f**k.

That’s how impressive they were:

When a player like QB Aaron Rodgers, QB Tom Brady or QB Drew Brees gets considered as an MVP on a given year, it isn’t just about stats and analytics. It’s the unmeasurable emotion of hype and excitement. Does their play make sports journalists all misty and geeked out? Are they fun to watch in a way that makes their games must-watch events?

The manner in which Goff electrified the LA crowd with his 19-yard dime to Cooper Kupp in the end zone proved that he’s not just entertaining, he’s also the leader of the most dominant offense in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes is playing like an MVP this year as well. He’s capturing the spotlight and running with it. However, Goff’s Thursday night performance just made the case that attention must be paid to him as well.

Mark your calendars Rams fans: November 19th in Mexico City. The Rams will face off with the Chiefs on Monday Night Football and it could possibly decide the MVP race. Will both players be operating at their current high level later in the season? Time will tell, but if they are, that game is going to be something to watch.

The Jared Goff hype train has left the station. Do you have your ticket?