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Los Angeles Rams 38, Minnesota Vikings 31 game recap: Under the spotlight, Rams shine

It was a tale of two sides of the ball, but the tale the Rams told was one of victory.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

That was a game.

With the national (/international) audience transfixed solely on this game, the Los Angeles Rams held off the Minnesota Vikings, 38-31.

More than anything, this felt a bit like the end of a chapter for Head Coach Sean McVay and QB Jared Goff.

A year ago, there was a chapter that ended either with the road win over the Dallas Cowboys or the road win two weeks later over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Those wins announced the legitimacy of the Rams’ arrival among the league’s capable teams. Then there was a chapter that ended either with the Week 15 decimation of the Seattle Seahawks on the road or the win thereafter against the Tennessee Titans to lock up the NFC West. And then, sadly, a chapter ended in early January when the Rams’ postseason ended as soon as it started.

Now though, the Rams have closed a new chapter.

At 4-0 off of Goff’s best two performances of his career and having already solidified their place among the power rankings before this game, they’ve established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. And it’s no longer built on hype. Or potential. Or marketing.

It’s here.


The 2018 Los Angeles Rams are the truth.

Sure, they have serious work to do in between the defensive line and safeties; the linebackers and cornerbacks were atrocious in coverage and, much like credit was due to Chargers QB Philip Rivers, Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins showed why he earned that lucrative deal this offseason. And K Sam Ficken proved he needs to be replaced. It’s a cold world for kickers in the modern NFL, but missing a kick shorter than 30 yards that could have put away the game? That’s just not acceptable.

Forget that for tonight.

Revel in the reality that the Rams are playing like the best team in the NFL.

And QB Jared Goff is a principal reason why.