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Los Angeles Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings 2nd half live gamethread

The Goffense is unstoppable.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We can talk about the defense and the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive gameplan. We can talk about QB Kirk Cousins dropping dimes early on. We can even talk about the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive line.

But we shouldn’t.

We should just talk about QB Jared Goff.

After the best game of his career last week against the Los Angeles Chargers, Goff has followed that up in prime time with the best half of his career punctuated by the best throw of his career, a floater on the run off his backfoot over two defenders to WR Cooper Kupp.

He is locked in. The offense he is marshaling is locked in. The offensive line, yet again, is locked in. Rams Head Coach Sean McVay is locked in.

The Rams and Los Angeles Rams fans had a major opportunity on their hands tonight. They’ve made the most of it.

The Coliseum is packed. The Rams are absolutely killing it.

And there’s nothing we should do but marvel at its greatness.