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FanPulse: Los Angeles Rams fan confidence dips for the first time heading into Week 4

Is it the injuries at cornerback? A response to the Los Angeles Chargers? General malaise of, well, being really good?

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The Los Angeles Rams are 3-0 and the consensus #1 team in the power rankings...and yet for the first time in our 2018 FanPulse polling, fan confidence has dipped below 100%.

After a 35-23 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 3, Rams fans confidence in the direction of the team has plummeted from 100% to...



(dramatic effect building)




What cause the dent? Was it the performance of the Chargers’ offense in Week 3? Is it the injury situation at cornerback with CB Aqib Talib headed to IR and CB Marcus Peters dealing with a calf strain, did that worry some fans? Is it just the nature of a fan base of a really good team looking for issues to nitpick? Who knows.

The Rams’ Week 4 opponent, the Minnesota Vikings, are suffering from a confidence crisis. Following their 27-6 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Vikings fans’ confidence in the direction of their team dropped from 92% to 35%...#yikes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the NFC? Not good.

Speaking of the Arizona Cardinals, our national FanPulse question this week polled all 32 fan bases to ask which team is the NFL’s worst...

Sorry, Cards fans:

What’s perhaps interesting here for Rams fans is that the Rams’ first two opponents of the 2018 season are among the leading options. So perhaps in a couple weeks as the Rams face stronger competition, we look back at those early results differently.

As for tonight’s competition yet again, Rams fans, opposing fans and the odds are all angling for a Rams win:

  • Odds: Rams 7 point favorites over Chargers
  • Turf Show Times FanPulse: Rams by 5
  • Daily Norseman FanPulse: Rams by 4

Thanks as always to the TSTers who are voting to give us the data each week! And for those of you interested, you can sign up here to vote.