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Los Angeles Rams vs. Los Angeles Chargers: Revisiting five Rams to watch

A look back at Sean Wilkinson’s personnel picks for week 3.

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams’ offense shined in Sunday’s victory over the Los Angeles Chargers, with 521 yards (!) and yet another 30+ point performance. Here’s a look at how Sean Wilkinson’s five Rams to watch fared on Sunday.

RB Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley was, well, just Todd Gurley. If a guy can have a nonchalant 105 yards rushing plus another 51 receiving, that’s what he did. His patience seems to be on another level this year, and his recognition of game situations, down and distance are a big part of why the Rams lead the league in avoiding 3-and-outs at a staggering 6.9%. What’s more, Gurley hasn’t broken one yet — he’s due.

WR Brandin Cooks

It was a relatively quiet afternoon for Cooks, who managed just 7 catches and 90 yards, and is now on pace for 1792 receiving yards. No biggie. He did have one uncharacteristic drop, and had both hands on a dime from Goff that would have been 6, but overall the guy has been incredible. It was Robert Woods’ day to shine, but Cooks still got his.

DL Aaron Donald

Before anyone hits the panic button, remember that Aaron Donald didn’t register a sack until week 6 last year, and still finished 2017 with 11 in 14 games. Clearly, the Rams’ pass rush hasn’t been as formidable as expected this year (although if holding calls were sacks...), and it’s about time for 99 to get on track and put a few on the board. The Rams had consistent pressure up the middle on Sunday, but savvy QB Philip Rivers was relatively unphased and made us pay for not getting home. Simply put: Donald’s got to start producing.

S John Johnson III

The Rams’ secondary on the whole didn’t play well on Sunday, Johnson included. Along with FS LaMarcus Joyner, the Rams’ safeties struggled with some questionable angles and appeared outmuscled in run support. Johnson’s been up and down — redeemed himself with an INT after getting roasted by Jared Cook all night, appeared solid against Arizona, and looked lost at times against the Renters. It’s early, but we can hold off on the “future All-Pro” labels for a minute.

K Sam Ficken

Finger Lickin’ Sam Ficken sucks. There’s really no other way to put it. Launched a kickoff out of bounds that gave San Diego the Chargers a short field, then bricked a 46-yard FG attempt (twice, if you count the one prior to the time out). Not that we should have signed Dan Bailey, because we do expect GZ back at some point, but I can’t help but think we can do better than this guy. He was average in relief last year, and just doesn’t appear to have the makings of an NFL kicker.