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Week 3 Los Angeles Rams schedule outlook update

The Rams schedule is going to get significantly more difficult in the next few weeks.....

NFL: LA Stadium and Entertainment District Construction Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are undefeated through two weeks and sit either 1 or 2 in most major power rankings (recap here). Most of us expected the Rams to be here after playing the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals, but how they got to 2-0 is more impressive than the record itself.

They have allowed 13 points in two games. The Washington Redskins are next best at 27.
They lead the league in point differential at +54. Next best are the Baltimore Ravens at +33.

That’s pretty damn impressive, but let’s set that aside for the moment.

Remaining 2018 Opponents

Week Opponent Current Record
Week Opponent Current Record
9 @New Orleans Saints 6-1
10 Seattle Seahawks 4-3
11 Kansas City Chiefs (@Mexico City) 7-1
13 @Detroit Lions 3-4
14 @Chicago Bears 4-3
15 Philadelphia Eagles 4-4
16 @Arizona Cardinals 2-6
17 San Francisco 49ers 1-7

The Rams next two opponents are an upstart Los Angeles Chargers team and a very, very good Minnesota Vikings squad that is looking to assert their dominance in 2018.

I love the hot start as much as any other fan, but the next two weeks are going to tell us a lot more about this Rams team than their first two contests.