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The public relations play for the Los Angeles Rams is in full swing with the Aaron Donald extension

VP/COO Kevin Demoff is desperately trying to change the narrative that the LA Rams have a dysfunctional front office. This offseason’s contract extensions may have done the trick.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams VP/COO Kevin Demoff is quite aware that he’s competing for eyes when it comes to sports in LA.

The Los Angeles Lakers had a pretty eventful offseason signing the biggest American athlete superstar in the world in LeBron James. The Los Angeles Dodgers are fighting their way back into the postseason. USC football is gearing up for a new season with a new quarterback with the same legion of richie-rich fans.

But the LA Rams have been pretty damn loud themselves this offseason.

Their 53-man roster has some incredibly impressive starters, and this week’s contract extension with DL Aaron Donald has been the overly long finale at a fireworks show Rams fans have been waiting for for more than a year. And make no mistake about what the front office of the Rams has been doing — making a show of it.

It’s been a show, and an entertaining one at that.

When it comes to contracts, the Rams have a history of not signing high-profile players or signing extensions that haven’t worked out that well.

They needed a win. And they got it with the promise of many more years with #99 chasing quarterbacks.

If the Rams are going to spend this much money on a defensive lineman, they want the world to know that they’re doing it. They need the credit. Or, more to the point, the Rams need the attention.

Just look at the way Kevin Demoff was playing the press this past week when he knew the deal was in the bag:

And remember this controversial tweet that sent Rams fans into a tizzy?

Maximum P.R. impact.

That’s our Rams, alright.

In one way, it seems like the Rams’ front office has bumbled this whole contract situation for over a year. But, this is a big deal for this franchise. If they need to toot their horns, I ain’t gonna get in the way.

Rams fans want to see Donald in our uniform, on our field. And they also definitely want to see him on Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders. We don’t need a big presser to feel good about our COO. We just want results on the field.

What I think the Rams’ front office should do now is increase their use of Donald as a representative. Help him show that this is what the Rams are all about. If they use the same amount of energy spent on their “maximum P.R. impact” with the contract extension, they can further drive home the fact that identity of this team begins with guys like Donald and RB Todd Gurley. Homegrown players that earned major extensions...and received them. A product of a team that knows how to find special talents and knows how to treat them accordingly.

Demoff’s public relations play that lasted over a year had a happy ending. It’s hard to get too critical of the front office. Things feel different now as if the guys running things are playing with house money.

The idea of Donald anchoring the defense for years to come is a comforting thought that makes the future of Los Angeles Rams seem very bright.

So let’s shine the lights where they deserve to be. On the players in horns that represent the good decisions of everyone involved.