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Introducing new TST author Brennan Smith


Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I’m happy to announce we’ve got an official (completely unofficial) transaction heading into Week 3 that I’ve filed with the league offices in New York (no I haven’t).

We’re adding Brennan Smith to the staff. You may have seen his work before at RamsHerd (RIP) or the Arizona Republic and the Salt Lake Tribune.

Absolutely thrilled to bring him on board.

Brennan Smith

Where he’s from: I’m from a tiny town (Morgan, Utah) and am currently in Salt Lake City, Utah by way of Tucson, AZ and Phoenix, AZ.

How he became a Rams fan: As a kid growing up in Utah and then Tucson, AZ, there were teams on the periphery like the Cardinals and Broncos, but no one captured my imagination like the GSOT era and Torry Holt led Rams. I really started following the team in 2001 and attended my first Rams game at Sun Devil Stadium in 2003 when Marc Bulger battled against Emmitt Smith and the Cardinals.

What area of the Rams interest him most: I’m most interested in the intersection of college players and the NFL in the draft process.

The best thing he’s ever eaten: Recently, it’s a tie between Pretty Bird Nashville hot chicken in SLC and the chile verde burrito at Rosa’s Cafe in Ogden, UT.

Join me in welcoming Brennan to the staff!