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Throwback Sunday: The Rams’ home opener from six years ago today

Sam Bradford. RG3. Alfred Morris...Daryl Richardson. This game had it all!

Washington Redskins v St Louis Rams

The Los Angeles Rams - then in St. Louis - celebrated their home opener on this very same day six years ago (9/16/2012). At that time, Sam Bradford, who will be QB-ing against the Rams this afternoon, was under center.

Making that day that much more exciting, the 2012 NFL Draft trade between the Rams and Redskins yielded the Skins Robert Griffin III and the Rams a whole slew of picks including Michael Brockers and Janoris Jenkins, both of whom took the field that day.

Jenkins wasted no time becoming a fan favorite, providing us with this gem (which he would most certainly be fined for) that day.

It turned out to be an amazing game, and despite Jeff Fisher’s best efforts, the Rams offense was proved successful that day. Bradford threw for 310 yards and 3 touchdowns. Of his 26 completions that day, FIFTEEN went to Danny Amendola, who finished the day with 160 receiving yards and a score. It wasn’t all gravy for Danny that day, though. Less than 10 seconds into the game, the Redskins scooped up his fumble, returning it 30 yards for a score. Not an ideal start.

Steven Jackson suffered a groin injury early in the game, so a little known beast by the name of Daryl Richardson toted the rock 15 times for 83 yards. He punched in a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter of the game, giving the Rams a three point lead in what finished up a 31-28 game.

Harvey Dahl. Rob Turner. Scott Wells. Barry Richardson. Cortland Finnegan. CRAIG DAHL!

The NFL doesn’t like for people to have nice things, so I can’t post the video in the article, but feel free to take a stroll down memory lane with this 10 minute video recap on YouTube.

Do you remember the home opener that day? Any favorite moments from the game or memories you care to share?