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Ndamukong Suh wants to crush Sam Bradford and the Cardinals’ QB thinks it’s great

The No. 2 overall pick from 2010 wants to put a hurtin’ on the No. 1 overall pick

St. Louis Rams v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Ndamukong Suh - for many St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams fans - has always been the guy the Rams passed on in the 2010 NFL Draft. They instead opted to select Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick. And for Suh, it’s not something he’s inclined to forget.

Earlier in the offseason, Suh told the “Around the NFL” podcast that a matchup against Bradford is something he always circles on his calendar.

I always mark the calendar when I have Sam Bradford on there, no matter what. Whether it was when we were rookies when he was in St. Louis, or when he was any other place. I’ve always looked forward to going against him.

And Suh intends on putting his money, which he’s made quite a bit of, where his mouth is. He wants to get to Bradford and take out a bit of the disappointment thats lingered for over eight years.

I’m not much of a talker, but I’ll definitely try and hit him as hard as I can.

Bradford, on the surface, doesn’t appear to be fazed by the talk. Earlier this week, the Cardinals’ QB was asked about Suh’s comments. He thinks it’s swell.

Great. I mean, I get it. I think everyone wants to hit me. I think that’s kind of how it goes. I don’t think I really think too much more about it than any other week.

Suh and Bradford have met three times since being drafted in 2010 and the Rams’ defensive tackle has sacked their former No. 1 overall pick twice. Suh has one interception in his career — picking off Sam Bradford on Oct. 10, 2010.

The Cardinals’ offensive line is having to shuffle a few players around on Sunday. Andre Smith, the team’s starting right tackle, is out (elbow) and will be replaced by John Wetzel. This will be the second career start for rookie center Mason Cole.

If there were ever a day to exact revenge, make a point, or whatever it is Suh is trying to accomplish, that day would be Sept. 16, 2018.