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Todd Gurley could jump to 6th on the LA Rams’ all-time rushing list on Sunday

With a 90 yard rushing performance on Sunday, Todd Gurley would pass two former Rams on their all-time rushing leaders list

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After only being handed the ball four times in the first half against the Oakland Raiders in Week 1, fans were left scratching their heads at halftime. But Los Angeles Rams’ running back Todd Gurley broke out in the back half of the game, running for 89 yards on 16 carries, and finishing the game with 108 total rushing yards. He looked extremely fresh, and the reigning Offensive Player of the Year seamlessly picked up where he left off in 2017.

In doing so, Gurley moved into the 8th spot on the Rams’ all-time leading rusher list with 3,404 combined rushing yards. And with a 90 yard performance on Sunday - in front of the home crowd against the Arizona Cardinals - Gurley could pass two more Rams and slide into the 6th overall spot on their all-time list.

Gurley currently sits three yards behind Les Josephson (3,407), and is 89 yards shy of Dan Towler (3,493). And while it’s nice to see the recently turned 24-year old running back leapfrogging former players on the all-time list, that’ll mark the end of his rise to the top for 2018. Dick Bass, who rushed for the Rams between 1960-1969, is still a full 2,013 yards ahead of Gurley, so that’ll have to be a moment to watch for next year.

Here are the Rams’ all-time rushers by the numbers:

  • Steven Jackson (131 games) - 10,138 yards
  • Eric Dickerson (65 games) - 7,245 yards
  • Marshall Faulk (99 games) - 6,959 yards
  • Lawrence McCutcheon (89 games) - 6,186 yards
  • Dick Bass (112 games) - 5,417 yards
  • Dan Towler (67 games) - 3,493 yards
  • Les Josephson (129 games) - 3,407 yards
  • Todd Gurley (45 games) - 3,404 yards

The future is bright for Gurley - who the Rams preemptively re-upped this offseason - and at the rate he’s going, it’ll only be a few years before he’s on the door step of the legends.

Sidenote: Eric Dickerson was incredible. His numbers average out to 111 yards per game (1,811 for the season) for four straight years.