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Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals: Bold predictions

With little nationwide intrigue attached to the Rams’ home opener, what if the game ends up being, I don’t know...good?

Los Angeles Rams v Tennessee Titan Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

So, I sometimes like to pretend that I know what’s going to happen in this league, but no one does and that’s why the NFL is an extremely entertaining sport.

Last week, I predicted that QB Jared Goff was going to have the game of his life (nope), Tyler Higbee was going to breakout as a fantasy stud (not even close), and John Johnson III would once again make the case that he was a steal in last year’s draft.

So, I got one right and that wasn’t even much of a stretch. So, when in doubt, swing harder, right?

Let’s get bold.

Robert Woods is going to get 10+ catches for 120+ yards and 3 TDs

I think Coach McVay knows that the Cardinals are well aware that the Rams aren’t going to use WR Brandin Cooks as a decoy like they did with WR Sammy Watkins last year. Cooks is going to get the ball and the Cardinals defense, namely CB Patrick Peterson, will be covering him like an extremely wet blanket. Enter Robert Woods. With several drops last week that weren’t entirely his fault, Woods is due for a game that cements him as an integral part of this offense.

Aaron Donald is going to eat Sam Bradford on live television

Chomping at the bit for a big defensive play, Donald will get his this week, sacking QB Sam Bradford 3 times. I’m talking a highlight reel in one game. Pass defections, forced fumbles, and even a tackle where he knocks some dude’s helmet off. Donald hasn’t been with the team for more than a month, so he’s still getting back in the rhythm of this team. And this week, he proves that he’s the best damn football player in the NFL.

Marqui Christian will shine as inside linebacker opposite Cory LIttleton

With Mark Barron still not healthy to start at ILB, Grandpa Wade is moving around the chess pieces on the board in an effort to mask the fact that the Rams defense is very vulnerable in the middle of the field, especially if the offense has big pass catchers. So, in obvious passing situations, look for Christian to be out there at ILB and expect great things. The guy had a great camp and was responsible for the effective pass defense last week in the second half. I boldly predict a pick 6 for Marqui Christian.

Sam Bradford will NOT blow out his knee, but Josh Rosen will play

If I get this right, I will be very insufferable on Twitter. @LARamsRamsRams btw.

The biggest surprise will be that this will actually be a football game, with drama and excitement. Rams win, 35-33.