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Week 2 approval poll: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

The Rams came out flat in the 1st half of their season opener, but finished strong. Which half made a bigger impression on you and how does it change your thoughts on McBae?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Your opinion of Sean McVay when you hit the sack on Monday night likely depended on what time you turned the game off.

At halftime, Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders were having their way with Wade Phillips’ much hyped defense. The Los Angeles Rams entered the half down 13-10 and losing the time of possession battle - among other things - badly. If you were on the east coast or couldn’t stomach the possibility of watching another disappointing half of Rams football, you could very well have went to bed distraught.

But if you endured the disappointment and were able to tune in for the second half, you saw that McVay and Co. made some tremendous halftime adjustments and completely dominated the third quarter before coasting in the fourth quarter. Less than two years removed from Jeff Fisher’s terrible coaching it was a magnificent sight to behold.

Which category do you fall into?

*Editors note: The poll will be cumulative in 2018*


On a scale of 1 (Bad) to 5 (Good), how would you grade McVay?

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