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Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders: Best/worst overreactions

So many emotions were felt by LA Rams fans during the first half of the Monday Night Football matchup with the Oakland Raiders. But is everything fine given what happened in the second half?

Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams went on the road and were favored by many to win without too much drama. So, what went wrong? Not much, except that the first half had some drama. Could have gone way worse.

Best overreaction

Lock Angeles could be alive and well if our middle linebackers weren’t constantly getting exposed.

Even if you didn’t count CB Marcus Peters’ fourth quarter pick 6, the cornerbacks were pretty dynamic against the Oakland Raiders. However, the big night for TE Jared Cook was an example of an opposing team taking advantage of a weakness with the Rams’ linebackers while avoiding their strength (the cornerbacks). In the first half, Cook amassed more than 100 yards and finished with nine receptions for 180 yards, a career-best.

Even though ILB Mark Barron is a valuable piece to our linebacker unit, I agree that the linebackers for the Rams seemed outmatched in the first half — as if the Raiders were just stronger, dragging the Rams’ defenders across the field in an humiliating display of hubris. Fortunately, the defense was able to come out in the second half with a new gameplan: shut down any exploitation of the soft spots in the zone coverage, more specifically, lock down the open spaces in the middle of the field.

Once the Raiders were playing from behind, that’s when it became clear how good the secondary really is for the Rams. We have a legit ball hawk in CB Marcus Peters.

Worst overreaction

The offense had shaky timing due to the choice of not playing any of the offensive starters in the preseason.

QB Jared Goff was forcing balls to WR Brandin Cooks and was inaccurate with several throws to WR Cooper Kupp. However, I think it was nerves that would have played a role in his performance regardless of playing or not playing in the 3rd preseason game for two quarters. But the internet was cruel to Jared.

Is it timing, nerves, or does Jared Goff truly suck? I gotta go with nerves with a small side of timing issues.

Even though Goff struggled to connect consistently with the pass catchers in the first half of the game, only competing 10 passes for 60 yards, it was only a short-lived issue that plagued the offense. To me, the important stat was no interceptions by Goff. Yes, he could have put way more points on the board due to their struggles in the red zone, but two TDs is fine. I’ll take that if that’s rock bottom. I did like how aggressive McVay’s playcalling was — they didn’t treat the passing game like it was a weakness, just a strength that was discovering its rhythm.

And I’ll leave you with some fan art of the mighty Goff. Our Los Angeles Rams starting QB.