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Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders bold predictions: QB Jared Goff to earn “elite” moniker

The time machine is still ice cold, so enjoy these future truths about the Monday Night Football matchup before they become facts.

Houston Texans v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We are days away from the first Los Angeles Rams game of the 2018 season and the expectations are at a fever pitch. However, many die-hard fans are quick to point out that since the Rams’ offense hasn’t played a snap in the preseason and most NFL defenses are a step ahead of the offenses at the start the season, it’s safe to assume that Jared Goff and company may take a couple games to get up to peak form.

However, this column doesn’t deal in assumptions or safe bets... instead, we’re like a new flavor of your favorite junk food that the corporation just can’t find a proper description for. So, without further ado...

Let’s get bold.

Jared Goff plays to his hometown and has the game of his life

For a #1 draft pick that recently participated in his first Pro-Bowl game, QB Jared Goff hasn’t been getting a lot of hype pieces this offseason. In fact, USA Today just ranked the best QBs in the league and Goff ranked 21st, one position lower than QB Derek Carr. Add in the fact that Goff will be playing near his old stomping ground, it just makes sense that he’s going to let it rip and have a great game.

Why is this bold? Because we’re expecting a lot of Todd Gurley II and loads of defense against the Raiders. I’m predicting that Goff will finish with 400+ yards and 4 TDs.

John Johnson III will prove yet again that he was a steal in the draft

With the offseason acquisitions of CB Aqib Talib and CB Marcus Peters, it makes sense that safety John Johnson would sort of fade into the background in terms of fan favorites. However, he did show signs of excellence in the preseason when he briefly showed up. Look for John John to take it to the house with a pick-6.

Tyler Higbee will be the most sought after fantasy player on the waiver wire

TE Tyler Higbee had a solid training camp and I feel like he’s going to show the NFL that he can block well enough to get a lot of snaps on Monday night. Mark it down: Higbee will catch 6 balls for 80+ yards and two TDs.

I’m not a math guy, but the Rams are going to roll the Raiders. Something like 69-0. Remember, I time travel as a serious hobby. All of this will happen.

Have fun watching the game, Ramily!