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Les Snead on Aaron Donald: “We are in the same zip code, area code, ballpark”

Snead sheds possibly promising insight on the Donald situation

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks
Aaron Donald (99) flings Russell Wilson (3) is an NFC West matchup last December.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps there is light on the horizon, or perhaps it’s just more rhetoric, but Snead seems to be indicating that the chasm between the team and Aaron Donald may not be as large as some have indicated.

Hopefully, Donald’s zip code will be near the Rams practice facility sooner rather than later.

Also, the Rams apparently have a standing offer waiting for their star defensive lineman. While that could have been assumed to be the case, Snead confirmed the offer was available.

As to what that offer is, who knows?

Kevin Demoff recently commented to the Mighty 1090’s Scott and BR that all numbers reported in the media so far have been wrong.

Snead also confirmed that the August 7th deadline- after which Donald’s eventual free agent status would shift to restricted- was insignificant. Of course, should a deal be struck, none of that will be relevant.

Stay tuned, but with the Rams only entering Week 1 of preseason there is no real sense of urgency, so even if the two parties are in the same zip code, there can still be weeks of give and take.

Last year, Donald missed the entire preseason.

Hopefully common ground is found over the coming weeks, and the Rams roster will be fully loaded entering a season in which they carry genuine championship aspirations.