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2018 Los Angeles Rams training camp: August 6 practice recap

Joint practice #1 is done. Tomorrow though looms in what is sure to be a higher intensity session...

JB Long

The Los Angeles Rams and Baltimore Ravens held their first of two joint training camp practices today, and by all accounts it was a useful exercise.

Both sides got in some good work and any potential flare ups (CB Aqib Talib v. WR Michael Crabtree anyone?) never really materialized.

Tomorrow could be a whole other battle though with the preseason game between the two teams looming on Thursday...


Didn’t sound like anything additional today which is great given how the Rams had to leave EDGE Matt Longacre and TE Gerald Everett in LA to nurse new injuries. Hopefully, we can to Thursday as healthy as possible now even with the possibility of sitting some starters.



I’m just going to recommend readers check out the Twitter timeline from our sibling site Baltimore Beatdown, the SB Nation community for fans of the Ravens, as well as their practice notes. The Ravens provide a media credential to BB which is great because it allows fan media direct access to the team. Pretty awesome on their part to ensure that fans’ concerns and questions can get addressed directly without hoping the traditional media picks up on them.

Joint practice #2 tomorrow. Buckle up.