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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay, QB Jared Goff, DL Michael Brockers August 6 training camp press conference

Here’s what the trio had to say to the media today.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On if there was help needed to put the joint practice together)

“Yeah, we had a lot of great people, (Director, Operations/Facilities) Bruce Warwick and (Assistant to the Head Coach) Billy Nayes, a lot of people behind the scenes did an excellent job setting it up. Very appreciative of (Ravens Head) Coach Harbaugh and his group and what a great job they’ve done accommodating us. Seemed like it was a good first day – guys practiced smart and were able to get a lot out of it. Lot of respect for this organization and how they’ve competed over the last handful of years. So, looking forward to another good day of work tomorrow and really what it enables us to do especially with some guys that may not be able to play in that game on Thursday – to get that good work against some really good football players and that’s what we felt like we got today. A lot of different situations as well.”

(On what the status of DT Aaron Donald is and if he anticipates him to be there tomorrow)

“I don’t think anything is going to change with that in the near future. I’ve had a little bit of dialogue with (DT) Aaron (Donald) and we’re hopeful that we’ll get something done, but I don’t think there’s any realistic deal to August 7 being a date that changes anything. But, you never know and things remain the same. I’m looking forward to trying to connect with him later on today and we’ll see where we’re at.”

(On if it would be a surprise if Donald shows up tomorrow)

“It would be. Yeah, I’d be surprised.”

(On if there was a fear of fighting at the joint practice)

“We wanted to be able to get a lot of good work in today and I thought Coach Harbaugh’s guys did a great job of competing smart from what it seemed like as well and so did our guys. But, that was definitely the message because we don’t need any of that, especially because some of the things that can happen injury wise, things like that. Always talk about what’s the intent of coming out here to practice and it’s to get better and to get to go against another really good football team and that’s what we felt like we got today.”

(On if there were other precautions made to deal with the humidity)

“(Director of Strength Training and Performance) Ted (Rath) and (Senior Director, Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott) did a good job with the hydration, trying to get them adjusted to the Eastern Time Zone in a fast, quick manner, but I thought the guys did a nice job. It’s definitely sticky though. I mean you feel the difference coming out here then compared to – we get spoiled in that California weather where there’s no humidity. But, I think it’s great work for us and the fields were in good conditions. So, today was a good day for us all.”

(On what he thinks of the facilities)

“I love it. It’s really impressive. You feel like you’re pulling up to a country club. So, pretty nice.”

(On if he has a plan for QB Jared Goff yet or if he’ll not even play)

“There’s a good chance that a handful of guys, if we feel like we get the work that we want, will sit out on Thursday. That’s a big part of being able to get good work in here and kind of limit some of the risk for injuries. But, that’s something that we’ll determine as a staff after tomorrow because we’ve got two good practice plans and then we’ll see where we’re at and how we want to approach Wednesday and Thursday with some of those guys.”

(On if there is a noticeable difference between the two teams other than the Baltimore Ravens already being there in their third week of practice)

“I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of their offense. Saw a lot of their defense, very impressed. They do a great job. They’ve always been really good on defense, physical units, sound coverages, a lot of communication on the back end – really impressed with (ILB) C.J. Mosley and (S) Eric Weddle. Obviously, (OLB Terrell) Suggs for such a long time has been doing it at a premier Pro Bowl caliber level. But, you feel good defense. To say that you can tell they’ve been out a week longer or not, I just know there’s a good football team out there that you’re going against and it was a great challenge today.”

(On how the pace and rhythm has changed logistically with meetings and how they’re all in one place in Irvine)

“It’s nice. It actually worked out pretty good because back at Irvine we’ve got eight practices in, eight walk-thrus and then wanted to be smart in terms of how we got our players acclimated to the time zone and to the weather. So, let them sleep in a little bit. Had a little bit of a team meeting and a walk-thru this morning and then practiced. The defense will lift post-practice today and then offense tomorrow. But because we’ve eliminated the walk-thru if you will, we actually have a little bit more time in the day and that’s where we made the emphasis on getting a lot out of practice, had a few more reps then what we’re typically accustomed to. Excited to go back and look at this tape and see where we can get better.”

(On if he addressed not getting into fights with CB Aqib Talib specifically)

“We talked about it. (CB) Aqib (Talib) is a smart player. He’s a leader. I think he knew that there would be a lot of eyes on that specific situation and trusted that based on our conversations, he’d be smart about it and he certainly was. A lot of respect for Aqib.”

(On if the offense had any turnovers during the periods)

“It didn’t seem like it. But until you go back, there were some tipped balls, there were some different things that we can clean up. I thought there was a lot of good stuff, but there is also some things that based on going against a defense like that, that we certainly will look at, do a better job of coaching in. Then hopefully execute better tomorrow.”

(On if he noticed a calmness in Goff this season)

“I think he’s always kind of had a nice, calm even-keeled demeanor that you guys talk about a lot. That’s been consistent for him. I think he’s more comfortable with some of the things that we’re doing. Any time that you’re able to continue to get a bunch of different reps – you always talk about repetition is the mother of learning – he’s gotten a lot of different looks at some of these concepts. So, he’s more comfortable playing with the guys in the huddle, being able to have that continuity where really (WR) Brandin (Cooks) is the only new guy in that huddle with him that he had last year. I think you do see him get more comfortable, but it’s practice. Looking forward to really evaluating those guys in those game-type of situations. But, feel really good about Jared, knowing how difficult that position is in the entirety of what we ask of the quarterback position specifically. But, he’s definitely improving and I think you definitely see him having a total command of what’s going on right now.”

(On Goff wearing a brace today was because of an issue or for protection)

“Yeah, I think it’s just probably precautionary. You have to ask him, so not really sure.”

(On if it’s difficult for him being with the offense and not really see what’s going on with the defense)

“It really is, but that’s where you have such great confidence in (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) and our defensive staff as a whole. We’ve always talked about it. When you’ve got great coaches like we do, if we do a situation where it’s a two-spot drill - just with the involvement that you have offensively – you feel like you could get some good work in and then I’m excited to watch the tape and kind of be in tune with what happened. That’s what’s nice about the way you’re filming it and all the different angles that (Director of Video) Larry (Clerico) and his crew give us. But yeah, you would like to be able to do it, but you’ve got to be considerate of what’s most efficient and just how we operate, that was what we felt like was going to be best.”

QB Jared Goff

(On the heat and humidity in Baltimore)

“But, we’ve played in games – Jacksonville I think that was the one last year you looked at that it was really humid like this. So, it can happen. I’m sure we’ll have a game this year or multiple games, that will be in that type of temperature. So, we’ve got to deal with it and I thought today was good to feel that.”

(On wearing a knee brace at practice today)

“I wear a knee brace every single game and then when we do live practices I’ll mix it in. Our first live practice of the year, I wore one just because guys are excited and amped up. Today against a new team, you never know, so I wore one today. But, I’ve been wearing one since I was a junior in high school, senior in high school.”

(On if he’s okay with being held out from Thursday’s game)

“Yeah, up to him (Head Coach Sean McVay). Yeah, we feel good right now, but whatever he wants to do we’re on board with.”

(On how today went practicing against a different defense)

“Good. I think at first, you’re so used to playing your own defense, so used to seeing the same looks, you kind of have to get used to it – especially with not really much film study coming into it. You’ve got a little bit of an idea of what they do, but not much. Then, you get out here and you get through a few periods and you kind of get an idea of what they do and you get comfortable towards the end.”

(On if it’s good to have to make those adjustments in practice)

“Yeah. It’s rare. It’s something you never get. When you play in a game – any game – you’re so prepped for what they’re doing and you have such a good idea of what they’re going to do. Out here it’s kind of on the fly and it’s different and it’s the only opportunity you get to do that.”

(On if he thinks about DT Aaron Donald’s situation besides when asked about it)

“Not really. I mean we’ve talked about it from time to time, but we don’t focus on it. We’re here with the guys we’ve got here, but we’d love to have (DT) Aaron (Donald) as soon as that gets done. He’s an incredible part of our team, incredible player, incredible person and someone we want here. But, they’re dealing with that and through good time hopefully they’ll get it done soon.”

(On if he feels like he’s getting sharper as training camp progresses)

“Yeah, it felt good Saturday. I think as time goes on you just continue to get more comfortable. I think when we start to really – we’ve really put in all our installs now. We’re starting to rep the same plays over and over again and our good plays over and over again. Starting to figure out what we like, what we’re good at. When that happens, I think you become more comfortable with it and stuff starts to roll a little bit better.”

(On if these practices and change of scenery is something the team can build on)

“I personally like it, just to break up the monotony. We’ve been out in Irvine (California) for feels like forever. To get out here and just have a different scenery, different team, get to enjoy Maryland a little bit – I think it’s nice.”

(On if he would feel handicapped at all by a decision to sit him for Thursday’s game)

“I don’t think so. No. What did we play in last year? How many games did we play in last year – preseason? Three? It’s fine. I’m sure we’ll play in three.”

(On if the continuity heading into year two of Head Coach Sean McVay’s offense factors into that)

“You’ve got to ask him those questions. I don’t know. I think there’s definitely part of that where we’re a little bit more comfortable and not so much unknown. But, whatever he wants to do we’re on board with it and then you guys can critique me about it (laughs).”

DL Michael Brockers

(On if he is used to the humidity because he is from Houston or does it take some adjusting to)

“Yeah, when you’re spoiled with having great weather – 70 degrees, no humidity, little breeze – you know, you’re a little spoiled. So when you get out here, yeah, it was a little thick when we first got out here.”

(On if he got over the heat pretty quickly)

“It took about a period to get a little adjusted where you felt like you could breathe a little bit. But at first man, you know, you’re breathing in a little bit of humidity, it gets a little muggy.”

(On if the team has to overcome battling the heat during practices)

“Oh yeah, I mean, this is football. We start in the summertime and you know so it’s a part of it. You just have to learn how to adjust and work through adversities.”

(On how it feels to practice against players other than your own)

“It was fresh, it was fresh. You got new sets, you got new personnel, stuff like that, new snap counts. I think that was getting into it, I think I started to kind of catch on, we’re on another count, we’re not going against the Rams. So it took a little adjustment, but it’s going to benefit us in the long run.”

(On if he thinks the joint practices benefit the offense or defense more)

“Not really, I think it benefits both teams. You get a different look, you don’t get to beat up your guys so much, you get to go against another opponent, see different looks. I think it benefits both sides of the ball when it comes to practicing with another team.”

(On if it’s nice to switch things up in camp and practice with another team)

“Yeah, it’s kind of cool because it kind of opens your eyes to what other facilities teams have. When they treat you like Baltimore did today it was love so we came out here and it was just good work all the way around.”

(On what it’s like going up against the Ravens with the Rams’ new group of defenders)

“It kind of boosts our confidence a little bit. When you’re going against your team so much, you obviously know each other, you know each other’s playmakers and stuff like that. Going against another team and you get stops so it kind of makes you feel like it’s for real ball, it’s what it’s going to look like on Sundays. Getting out there and getting some stops on third down, getting some sacks and the secondary breaking up some passes, it felt great, definitely for us.”

(On how it feels playing with the new defensive unit and if it still feels like everyone is still getting to know each other)

“Man, it’s still training camp, man. We’ve still got practices, you know, so it’s all about getting in the film room, kind of looking at little small adjustments here and there that we can fix. We believe it’s all about doing your part, so when everyone’s doing their part and doing it well, we think we can be successful.”

(On if he has had any contact with DT Aaron Donald and his sense on if and when he might see him)

“Not really, man. I haven’t had any contact because you kind of leave him alone when he’s in the offseason. I know he’s working, I know he’s grinding. No real contact. I know he’s getting the work done, doing everything possible where he’s in shape when he comes here. That’s all I can look forward to, whenever he gets here, he’s ready to roll.”

(On if he thinks RPO plays are spreading and if they are going to be around for a while)

“I think it’s going to be around for a little while. Really, who used it to the best of their ability was the Eagles and really working off of playing a run and having to play the pass as well. So, it’s a new little nuance, we’ll see how well it works. If it works well, you’ll see it for a while. If it gets shut down this upcoming year, I think it will fade out just like everything else. Like the big one with the running back – the wildcat, so it will just be like the wildcat.”