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Will the Los Angeles Rams win Super Bowl LIII? A handful of NFL Network analysts think so!

Sean McVay and his kickass football team have experts thinking they’ve got what it takes to go the distance

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are so good they’ve got fans tattooing future Super Bowl championships on their bodies. If that doesn’t scream “contender” I don’t know what does!

Actually, that’s not true. I do know what does. NFL analysts, experts, or whatever you’d prefer to call them saying that the Rams are legitimate contenders to hoist the Lombardi also suffices.

But, as a fan, you can’t be truly optimistic about the upcoming season without having at least one. Tattoos on fans six months early? Box checked. The nod from NFL Network analysts? The crew recently selected which teams they think will compete for, and win, this year’s Super Bowl. The Rams fared well.

T-1. Los Angeles Rams (5 votes)

Reggie Bush: Rams over Steelers. The Steelers get over the hump and represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, but a more complete Rams team is too much for Pittsburgh to keep up with.

David Carr: Rams over Patriots. The NFC is absolutely loaded, with about six teams looking like true contenders. It’s the Rams, though, who edge out the competition, and Sean McVay proceeds to out-scheme Bill Belichick for his first Lombardi.

Steve Mariucci: Rams over Jaguars.My mind will probably change tomorrow, but for now, I’m taking the Rams. Both teams have major talent on defense, but the Rams have the edge on offense. That’s the decider.

Michael Robinson: Rams over Texans. What a battle this would be. The presence of some fresh faces in the Super Bowl is just what the football world needs.

Adam Schein: Rams over Chargers. Todd Gurley runs for 159 yards and two touchdowns, Aaron Donald sacks Philip Rivers three times and the Rams win the all-Los Angeles Super Bowl.

T-1! How neat is that?!

The problem here isn’t so much the “1” as it is the “T-.” You see, this 1 would be T-less, if it weren’t for five other, I hesitate to call them jerks, but let’s just say they’re folks who voted poorly. Gil Brandt, Cynthia Frelund, Elliot Harrison, Kevin Patra, and Adam Rank are putting their stock in...the New Orleans Saints. Horrible, I know. Preseason bandwagoners, I tell ya!

We cannot have a tie. Only one team can win the NFC. And, last I checked, only one team can win the Super Bowl. So I’m going to be break the tie. I, Brandon Tavon Bate, am going to serve as the tiebreaker.

It’s only fair that the tiebreaker go to the team that signed Aaron Donald to a six year extension today. A quick check on Wikipedia informs me that the Saints did no such thing. The Rams, however, did. And therefore they are the Super Bowl LIII champs, and you can feel free to tattoo your body.