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Are the Los Angeles Rams one of the most overrated teams in 2018? Walter Football thinks so!

This is all Jared Goof’s fault...

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

There are many that feel the Los Angeles Rams are going to be a very good football team in 2018. Some even think they’ve got the talent, and coaching, to make a deep run in the playoffs and potentially play for the Lombardi. It makes sense, considering how well they played in 2017, despite their first round exodus from the playoffs.

And then there are those that feel the Rams are just an overrated, overhyped squad that will quickly fizzle and return to the depths of the NFC where they belong.

The folks at Walter Football fall into the latter category...and have for some time. Before we get into their thoughts on this year’s most overrated and underrated NFL teams, let’s take a quick look back at some of their Rams’ content from the past year.

How about the over/under on wins for the Rams in 2017, Walt?


So they won’t win 6 games...but how many WILL they win?

So very close, Walt!

Clearly a new coaching staff would help the Rams and QB Jared Goff right the ship...right?

Greatest. Bust. In. NFL. History.

Draft bust? He can’t be that bad, can he?

Tell me that doesn’t say...yep, it says Jared “Goof.” Your 32nd best quarterback in the NFL heading into 2017.

Maybe getting the ball into the hands of a talented new receiver will help!

I’m beginning to think Walter doesn’t have much faith in the Rams...

It’s at this point that I hope I didn’t tip the hand as to where this article was headed. Once again, Walter has now released his under/over-rated teams for the upcoming season, and the Rams are...drumroll please...

OVERRATED! (/crowd goes wild)

The 2018 Rams might be the most overhyped team entering a season since the 2011 “Dream Team” Philadelphia Eagles. People believe the Rams should be one of the Super Bowl favorites despite not really doing anything last year. Sure, they won a bunch of games, but how many of their victories were really impressive? Let’s review:

The Rams played the NFC East. They lost at home to the Eagles. They were defeated at home against the Redskins. They won at the Cowboys, who didn’t have Sean Lee in that game. They demolished the Giants in a very low-effort game from New York.

Los Angeles’ NFC North opponent was Minnesota. The Vikings blew the Rams out. The NFC South foe was the Saints. The Rams beat New Orleans at home in the one very impressive win during the season.

In the division, the Rams saw Carson Palmer for less than a half in two games, so they swept Arizona. The Rams lost at home to the Seahawks, and then won easily in Seattle when the Seahawks were missing everyone on defense. As for the 49ers, the Rams beat Brian Hoyer in Week 3, then sat their starters versus Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Rams battled the AFC South foes in the non-conference games. They beat the Colts in the only game Jacoby Brissett didn’t start. They crushed the Tom Savage-led Texans. They won at Jacksonville and Tennessee in close games, which was nice.

So, that’s it. The Rams had one very impressive win and two other decent ones. They didn’t do anything special in the other games. No wonder they lost to Atlanta in a home playoff affair.

The Rams added personnel this offseason. They got Ndamukong Suh, whom the Dolphins didn’t want. They got Aqib Talib, whom the Broncos didn’t want. They got Marcus Peters, whom the Chiefs didn’t want. And they got Brandin Cooks, whom the Patriots didn’t want.

Sure, the Rams have lots of talent, but how will these cast-offs mesh together? More importantly, will Jared Goff regress without quarterback guru Greg Olson? Goff didn’t even make his own pre-snap reads last year. Sean McVay did that for him. I like McVay as a coach, but quarterbacks have been regressed after being separated from Olson.

Above everything else, the Rams have very high expectations, much like the 2011 Eagles. This all sounds like a recipe for disappointment. It would not surprise me at all if the Rams miss the playoffs in 2018.

...shocking. I honestly could not believe that this man, having said such nice things about the Rams in the past few years, would view them as an overrated team.

I want to believe that the Rams will indeed be a good football team in 2018, but there is just too much evidence and hard-hitting analysis here in this post for me to get optimistic about their impending season.

I blame you 28 touchdown-to-7 interception, 3,800+ passing yards, Pro Bowl QB Jared Goof.