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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay August 20 press conference

Here’s what McBae had to say to the media today.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(Opening remarks)

”I think just seeing (T) Rob (Havenstein) finish up right there, really happy for Rob he’s earned this. From day one since we got here, especially with our staff, he has represented one of those things that’s right about this organization. A guy that works consistently hard, takes coaching extremely conscientious. You look at all different fundamentals and techniques that (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer is coaching and what a great job he did implementing really to become one of the more consistent right tackles in this league. Working with guys like (T) Andrew Whitworth. Great person, really productive player for us and feel really fortunate to get him under contract for the long term. You can’t say enough good things about Rob Havenstein.”

(On how the workout went today with free agent OLB Junior Galette)

”You know what, I’m not sure yet. We were busy getting these guys, he just finished up his physical. I’m not sure if he’s even had that workout yet or not. It kind of coincides where his physical ran a little bit longer. We had a great practice out here that we just finished up, so I’m not sure on that yet.”

(On if he agrees with referees using replay in regard to helmet penalty calls)

”Absolutely, the biggest thing with that is even in live time you don’t always see things exactly the way that they are and when these are potentially game altering plays that affect the outcome. With so much at stake it’s just really tough if you think about when those things occur. We try to coach our players the best we can to do everything to avoid keeping their head out of the tackle, following and abiding by the rules. It’s those types of plays that the change of the target at the last second with how fast things occur. Then it’s also where just to the human eye something might look different and then to not have the ability to replay that when in fact there’s a lot that you may say, ‘Okay we saw it right, or we maybe saw it differently and now we’ll take that 15-yard penalty back. That might be the difference in somebody extending the drive that ends up leading to the one possession difference in winning and losing a game. I think in terms of just the accuracy, absolutely an advocate. I also do have a respect and understanding for the pace of play and why you want to get the game going for a lot of different things for the fans and stuff like that. But ultimately I think we want to make sure we’re not doing anything that disrupts the integrity of what exactly happens and how that can alter the end of the game.”

(On what the coaches are telling their players in regard to leading with the helmet rule)

”That’s it, just educate these guys on keeping the head out of it. Doing everything that you can in most possible situations to avoid it and then when it gets to those bang-bang type plays, understanding that it’s a fast game, you’ve got make split-second decisions and everything is geared towards safety. As long as we’re implementing the right techniques and trying as much as we can to do it to the best of our ability, that’s all we can ask of our players.”

(On if the referees said anything to him in regard to CB Taurean Nixon’s penalty)

”Yes, I asked those guys about it. I’ve got to talk to (NFL’s Senior Vice President of Officiating Alberto Riveron) Al Riveron. I spoke with him right after the game. Where their interpretation was an unnecessary roughness, not necessarily a helmet penalty. I’ve got to get some clarity from the league. This preseason is going to offer a great opportunity for us to really just continue to educate ourselves and then we’ll see if there’s any changes to it. If not, all 32 teams have to abide by the same rule and we have to do a great job adjusting accordingly.”

(On if the players will elect to take the penalty for leading with their head rather than give up a big play)

“Yeah, I think there’s elements of that always. I think the biggest thing is understanding what the consequences could be for the way that we’re going to officiate that. That’s the biggest thing we’ve got to find out from these refs with the preseason. I think anything that they do as far as what the league emphasizes – they do a good job of making sure that it is emphasized so then team can educate themselves, be aware of it and then you see how it ends up playing out in the regular season. But, with this, I think this is new to everybody and like anything else, we’ve got to be ready to adjust and see how we want to handle it.”

(On how he weighs potentially signing a player who has had success in the league but has also had several bumps along the way)

“Yeah, I think it’s just like anything else, you’ve got to trust the people that have been around this person, know that it’s an imperfect world. Certainly, there are certain things where you want to make sure you have an understanding of exactly what led to whatever the circumstances are, have some guys that have worked closely with him. That’s where you’ve got to do a good job of being thorough with your evaluation and making decisions that, based on the entirety of it, are sound with some of the core beliefs and values that we want to uphold in this organization.”

(On if he personally gets into reviewing those instances and talking to the player)

“Oh yeah. No, those are things that we talk about all the time. Not specific to this individual, but, really, in general just in terms of always trying to conduct ourselves in a manner according to kind of the way that we want to operate. But, you’re certainly in tune that people make mistakes, I know I certainly have. You always try to do the best you can learning from it, but there’s also an element of, ‘Yeah, you want to make sure that clear, open and honest communication and what are the expectations and what are the standards that we want to operate by?’”

(On if he personally knew Galette at all)

“I did. Unfortunately for (free agent OLB) Junior (Galette), the years that he was there (with the Redskins), he tore his Achilles pretty early in camp, so he wasn’t around quite as frequently. But, I wouldn’t say I got to know him on a personal level, but been around him just to see how he interacts with his teammates and competes and different things like that. But, not to the level of a (Defensive Line Coach) Billy Johnson or a (Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coach) Joe Barry.”

(On what it does for a coach knowing that he’ll have some keys players in place for a few years)

“It’s a great opportunity to continue to keep that continuity, like you mentioned. I think it’s a great job by (General Manager) Les (Snead) and (Executive Vice President of Football Operations/Chief Operating Officer) Kevin (Demoff) and (Vice President of Football and Business Administration) Tony (Pastoors) of being able to get a player of (T) Rob’s (Havenstein) caliber under contract. He’s a guy that had been drafted. You invest in those guys. You want to always take care of your own, especially if that’s something that’s available and those guys demonstrate that they’re deserving of that. But, I think for us it’s always about building, making sure we adjust to our players. But, that continuity is instrumental. You feel good about that returning. It doesn’t do anything for us, but you at least feel like you can build from a good point, especially from an offensive standpoint knowing that you’re returning 10-of-11 starters and then the one guy that we’re replacing, you bring (WR) Brandin Cooks in to supplement (WR) Sammy’s (Watkins) loss. So, we’re excited about that an especially excited about being able to get Rob taken care of today.”

(On DT Dominique Easley coming off the PUP list and what he hopes to see from him)

”I think you hope to just see him get more and more comfortable playing football again. You talk about a guy that’s had a long road to recovery, somebody that’s been through a lot of different things. I can remember what an unfortunate instance it was watching his knee buckle in training camp a year ago. A lot of people don’t see the inside, as far as how hard he’s worked to even get back to this point. I think it’s a real credit to him, to (Senior Director, Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott) and his staff and really just a resilient mindset and a resilient person, that we’re hoping to see contribute to this football team because we all know what a talented football player he is. God willing, you hope that he’s able to stay healthy because he sure is a special player and he’s got a nice juice and enthusiasm about himself where he kind of brings people with him. So, it’s good to have (DT Dominique Easley) ‘Ease’ back out here.”

(On if Easley is full-go now)

”He’s going to be full-go, yeah. As far as seeing him in games yet, we’re not sure about that, but it was good to have him and (LB) Mark Barron – we had a (No.) 26 sighting out here in practice today, too. So, those are two positive things for us.”

(On if there is an update on DT Aaron Donald)

”Nothing on (DT) Aaron (Donald). As far as this week, we’re going to approach it like a game where we’re going to play guys. There’s maybe a couple of those veteran players that we might rest – the (T Andrew) Whitworth’s and (C John) Sullivan’s of the world – but everybody else we’ll expect to get ready to go and see them perform a little bit and get a chance to go against a great team in the Texans.”

(On if Barron will be a part of the game)

”Barron won’t be part of that. He’ll get out in practice and we’ll just kind of build him back in, but really the goal is Week 1 for him. Same thing in Easley. Easley is kind of in that same boat. Maybe he’ll be able to participate in the New Orleans game, but probably, most realistic projection on those guys is to be able to see them Week 1 against the Raiders.”

(On if having young linemen gives him more confidence to play QB Jared Goff)

”It does, absolutely. I think, like we’ve mentioned, you look at (T) Joe Noteboom, you look at (C) Brian Allen and the progression that those two specifically have made. You look at the way (C) Austin Blythe has consistently played when he’s gotten his opportunities really all over the board. I think you feel pretty good about the depth and that definitely is a part of it as far as feeling comfortable because of the confidence you have in those guys.”

(On if getting reps in game situations is an important part of playing the starters three to four series)

”I think so. Yeah, no doubt. I think just going through the operation in general, adjusting to the noise. Like you said, you try to mimic and emulate those things in practice, but there’s nothing like truly going through a pregame routine and especially for a quarterback, being able to potentially get tackled. Seeing a live rush, getting some throws and I think (QB) Jared (Goff) would say himself, he wants to play. That’s why he’s a great competitor, he wants to play. We’ve got to do a good job of being smart with how we operate and some of the things that we’re going to do. But ultimately, you’ve got to get ready to go and I think this is what we feel like as a staff and organization is going to be best for our players for that September 10 date – ultimately being the goal as far as being ready to go and to peak at the right time.”

(On RB Todd Gurley II saying he was a cat person and if he’s a cat person or dog person)

”I’m definitely a dog person. I’m actually allergic to cats. So, nothing against cats but I don’t like being itchy and that’s what cats do to me. So, definitely a dog person for me. Old (RB) Todd (Gurley II), the cat guy.”