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Los Angeles Rams training camp week 3 recap

The offense for the LA Rams is starting to click into place as there are plenty of players to be excited about. Plus Aaron Donald intrigue!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, Jared Goff got hit in practice! He’s fine. Everyone calm down.

Wasn’t he playing in his safe red jersey? What gives? This guy is the future of our franchise, you can’t just touch QB Jared Goff and expect to get away with it. The LA Times made Gary Klein write an article about it. Week 3 of the preseason, baby!

Rams insider Myles Simmons had this to say about day 13 of training camp:

Man, I’m excited about WR Robert Woods. It seems like whenever he’s mentioned in camp, it’s always something he did that was impressive.

Early on during 11-on-11 drills, wide receiver Robert Woods made a terrific one-handed catch along the right sideline. With cornerback Aqib Talib covering him, Woods stuck out his left arm, brought the ball into his body, then got both feet in on the sideline before falling out of bounds. Talib applauded the catch, as cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant and assistant head coach/linebackers coach Joe Barry ran up and shook Wood’s hand to congratulate him.

TE Tyler Higbee continues to look good in camp

This is going to be a big year for TE Tyler Higbee. He has all the tools to succeed with the Rams. And his QB, Jared Goff, is even pulling for him. Higbee’s biggest problems has been pass protection, consistency, and punching people in bars.

Intrigue revolving the depth of the running back position

RB Justin Davis has a hamstring injury = a lot of RB John Kelly against Oakland. John Kelly had a great week in camp and sadly, Justin Davis did not. So, expect some more dazzling moments from the rookie from the University of Tennessee.

The hype of two flashy running backs like John Kelly and Justin Davis has been rising this week. So much so that guys like Vinny Bonsignore are indicating that RB Malcolm Brown could be the odd-man out once the 53-Man roster is released. We’ve have one preseason game, guys. What if Malcolm Brown has a good game against the Oakland Raiders? I’m exhausted.

Aaron Donald’s contract situation is still in flux

There was some chatter about DE Aaron Donald getting close to signing an extension with the Los Angeles Rams, but maybe not? And what does this all mean? It’s very complicated.

There could be some talk about two star players that need to be paid this weekend...

The Rams are set to play Oakland in their 2nd preseason game on Saturday

Are you pumped? You can learn a lot about your team in a preseason game.

Some people have strong feelings about things.