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2018 Los Angeles Rams training camp: August 15 practice recap

The next-to-last practice of training camp

J.B. Long

Almost done.

The Los Angeles Ramstraining camp session today was the next-to-last for 2018. With so little time and opportunity to prepare for the 2018 regular season, things are taking on more importance.

Here’s how it went down today.


Nothing new, reportedly. Good!


The offense reportedly had a rough day. QB Jared Goff wasn’t sharp, TE Temarrick Hemingway had a bunch of drops and the O-line was getting beat pretty regularly. Some good notes from Pure Azure in the comments in the live thread today, so shout out to him.

If I’m worried about any unit on the team this year personnel-wise, it’s the offensive line. Hearing things like this about LT Andrew Whitworth sincerely scare me, but let’s hope it’s an aberration.

RB Just Todd Gurley and TE Tyler Higbee hit the cameras for the team media session:


It was the DL Ndamukong Suh show today:

A little skirmish between C John Sullivan and rookie DL Sebastian Joseph-Day. Good to hear the rook’s not afraid of getting after it, but there is a hierarchy at work to be respected here:

And this from CB Aqib Talib is pretty funny:

Special Teams


One more practice and then a tearful goodbye to UC Irvine for 2018.