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Los Angeles Rams DT Michael Brockers is poised to have his best season yet

At 27-years old, Brockers will most likely be the least talked about guy on the LA Rams’ D-line providing him the opportunity to transform himself into a machine.

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NFL: NFC Wild Card-Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason for the Los Angeles Rams has been anything but calm and assuming. Even the ads for the Rams on 710 ESPN radio touts the team as “going all in on a Super Bowl.” Obviously, the team needs the services of DE Aaron Donald (roster preview), but just for now, let’s just say that his contract is taken care of and he’s all suited up and trots onto the field in week 1 alongside DT Ndamukong Suh (roster preview) and DT Michael Brockers (roster preview). That’s a hell of a D-line.

This past Sunday, Coach Sean McVay called Michael Brockers one of the more underrated players in the NFL. And McVay has a point — even with a player as talented as Brockers, it makes sense that Suh’s arrival and Donald’s mere existence on the team makes Brockers some sort of an afterthought. But what if he turns this into a major advantage? Here’s McVay’s quote about Brockers:

“I think in terms of a dominant presence at the defensive end spot in base, especially on some of those normal down-and-distances. He’s got the position flex to really be able to play all along the line where he can rush. He’s got great strength, gets his hands on balls.”

Logging a career-best 55 tackles last year, Michael Brockers also pulled down 4.5 sacks, which isn’t eye-popping, but imagine his production with Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald wrecking havoc on the interior — could Brockers transform himself into an elite pass rusher? I think so. Could he accumulate over 10 sacks this season? Well, he’s never gotten close to that statistic, but he’s also never played on a defense with this much talent. And since the defensive line is now stacked with talent, Brockers won’t be overworked out there which hopefully means he’ll be hungry.

At 6’6” and 322 pounds, it’s basically ridiculous to call Brockers “sneaky,” but with all of the double-teams being issued on Suh and Donald, Brockers could very well power past the offensive tackles that may not have properly prepared for such a force of nature.

What makes me so confident that Michael Brockers will have a breakthrough season (for him) is because he’s a natural leader that has set himself up for success. His teammates love him, his coaches admire his work ethic, and most importantly, offenses are taking him for granted due to the “bigger names” in his vicinity.

Rams fans should Keep an eye out for Big Brock this year.

So should the Rams’ opponents.