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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay August 10 press conference

Here’s what McBae had to say to the media today.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On the status of any injuries and if DB Blake Countess and DL Ethan Westbrooks got injured)

“He was fine, (DL) Ethan (Westbrooks) came out of the injury report clean. I think it looked like he was coming off – whether it was his shoulder – I think the ref might’ve said to check him for his head just because of a collision, but he came out good. Didn’t think (DB) Blake (Countess) had anything with his shoulder. (WR) Josh Reynolds got his ankle that we’re waiting to figure out – whether that’s a sprain and how long that’ll keep him out. (CB) Kevin Peterson had his – he kind of tweaked his knee and we’re waiting on the final results from that as far as when he was coming on a nickel pressure early on in the game.”

(On his thoughts of QB Sean Mannion’s performance after watching the tape)

“I thought it was a combination of a lot of tough things. I thought most certainly (QB) Sean (Mannion) missed some throws and some things that are uncharacteristic of him. But the protection – there were a couple times he didn’t really have a chance to let things develop. He had a couple drops. So, I think it was kind of a perfect storm of really, a lot of things didn’t work out in his favor. He certainly had a part, but I think everybody that was involved, from an offensive standpoint, could’ve done a little bit better. There’s a reason why they’re such a good defense. There’s definitely some good things that we can learn from - a lot of different structures that you see on that tape as far as Baltimore’s (Ravens) defense is concerned. Like everything else, you get a chance from some of those tough circumstances to learn from and move forward and that’s what we’re looking forward to do as soon as tomorrow when we get practicing again.”

(On if anyone stood out during the game)

“I thought, really, when you go back and look at the tape, I thought on defense, Ethan definitely flashed some really good things. I think you just see good effort overall and good energy from the defensive side as a whole. (OLB) Samson (Ebukam) had some good rushes. I think from an offensive standpoint – kind of like what we mentioned – I think both those backs showed some really good things when you look at (RB) Justin Davis and you look at (RB) John Kelly. Thought (T) Joe Noteboom had a couple good series where he was able to demonstrate some good removal in the run game. Did a good job with his pass protection, his techniques, got a couple good jump sets in there. So, those were some encouraging things that you saw from those guys.”

(On if he would consider not playing starters at all in the preseason)

“No, it’s certainly something that, if you feel like – that was a big reason why you ended up wanting to play Baltimore in practice because if you can try to create and mimic and emulate those game-like situations while limiting the risk for injury that naturally occurs when you get into these live game situations, that’s always something worth exploring. You have so much respect and appreciation for the value of those live repetitions that you get in the four preseason games. But, at the same time, you talk to (Redskins Head Coach) Jay Gruden today and he’s losing a guy (RB Derrius Guice) that he was really counting on. On the (August) seventh here I think he mentioned to me that he wanted to get him a few carries, get him some touches and he ends up tearing his ACL and now he’s out for the year. So, it’s a really delicate balance of measuring the importance of getting some experience before that game, but then also making sure that you don’t put guys in harm’s way and at the risk of losing them for the season. You certainly don’t ever want to play scared, but you also do want to try to balance how can you do it in a smart way and getting guys ready to go, especially those guys that you know you’re counting on when the regular season kicks off.”

(On if there is a possible scenario where players such as QB Jared Goff, RB Todd Gurley and DT Ndamukong Suh wouldn’t play a snap during the preseason)

“I wouldn’t go that far yet just because there’s still so much time in between. But, like we mentioned, it’s not certainly out of the question, how we would approach the Oakland game. We talk about taking things kind of a day at a time. Those are things that inevitably, they kind of just – you have a better feel as you accumulate some experience and certainly some injuries – or hopefully if we avoid them – then you’re able to have those conversations. But, I wouldn’t go that far yet. But, there’s definitely going to be some good dialogue between our coaching staff with regards to how we want to handle, really, this next week if you will before we lead into that Saturday game. Also, in particular, because that’s the team we open with and that adds another layer to it as well.”

(On how he would evaluate the outside linebacker position opposite of Samson Ebukam)

“Yeah, I think (DE) Ryan Davis is doing some good things. He’s a guy that we had mentioned had shown some bright spots. I thought (DL) Justin Lawler came in and made some nice plays as well. Then, really, you’re counting on a (OLB) Matt Longacre when he gets back from injury – you look at the production that he’s had for us. Then, there’s some different things that we can do in some specific packages where you might see some other guys lined up in those spots. But, a lot of younger players playing in those outside spots. (OLB Trevon) ‘T’ Young is another guy that showed some different things last night where you see his length show up. But, I thought for the most part, you felt (No.) 50 and (No.) 98 coming off the edges. I thought Justin Lawler, (No.) 53, came in and did some nice things as well. He has kind of been a little bit hobbled with a hamstring, but he looked healthy and he did some nice stuff.”

(On if he discussed the National Anthem with the team before the Baltimore game)

“Yeah, we spoke about it, we talked about it as a team. Kind of consistent in what you guys have heard us say before, where we mentioned this was the approach that we felt like we wanted to take. If anybody felt differently, certainly open it to hearing your opinion or your perspective, and let’s talk it through. Nobody came up to me and had any issues. Everybody was out there as a team last night right in front, and then the staff was behind them kind of like what you’ve seen since (former Head Coach) Coach (Jeff) Fisher has been here. That’s something that we’re going to continue to do, and felt good about everybody being on board with that.”

(On if there’s anything in particular he wants to get achieved in the final five training camp practices or if it is more of a day-to-day, week-to-week)

“I think, really, for us last night served as a great opportunity. Say what you want, you don’t really scheme or different things like that, but I think just performing some of the elementary fundamentals and techniques of what leads to good football are things that we can focus on. Getting lined up, alignment, assignment, our technique, our effort defensively. Our communications in terms of just making sure we got our right matches, keeping our gap integrity in the run game. Then offensively, just simple, let’s use the right protection calls, let’s make sure that we’re going to the right people and then let’s throw and catch. Being able to separate, then being able to deliver the ball with accuracy and anticipation and then be able to consistently catch the football. Those are some things that for the confidence we have in a lot of the guys last night, things that we didn’t see, that we expect to see in terms of just executing where it’s just sound, crisp football are things that you’re going to see a point of emphasis made for our team. I thought last night served as a good opportunity to just make sure that you wake up. We have a renewed sense of urgency going into it, and it doesn’t really matter who it is. We just all go to do a little bit better job, but last night was a good learning opportunity for us. I think that’s some of the things you’ll see us emphasize as we move forward into these practices this week.”