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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay, QB Jared Goff, RB Todd Gurley August 1 training camp press conference

Here’s what the trio had to say to the media today.

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On what he sees in the competition at outside linebacker opposite of OLB Samson Ebukam)

“Seeing a lot of good things. It’s been good to get (OLB) Matt Longacre out there. He left a little bit early, but we’ll find out what’s going on with him. You’re seeing – (DE) Ryan Davis has done a really good job. Being able to sign him. He’s a guy that’s had some success in Buffalo (Bills) and Jacksonville (Jaguars). So, he’s really shown up and then we’ll get a chance to continue to look at some of these rookies. Hopefully get (DL) Justin Lawler back out there. He’s had a little leg tweak and then some of these younger players. But really, been very impressed with Ryan Davis and what he’s shown so far.”

(On T Joseph Noteboom and what he’s done so far)

“(T) Joe (Noteboom) has done a good job. (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer does an excellent job moving guys around and Joe is one of the players that can really play left tackle, play that right guard spot. I think he’s getting in a lot of different work in terms of just playing on that right, playing on the left side and getting really familiar with the inside, the outside, some of the calls, the communication. He’s a young player, but I think he’s taking steps in the right direction and that’s a credit to Coach Kromer and his ability to develop these guys.”

(On if RB Todd Gurley II has been any different at all since signing his new contract)

“I would say this, if anything he’s been working harder. I would imagine he’d be able to tell you better than I would. There’s probably some sense of relief knowing that he was able to earn that contract. But, by no means has he gotten complacent. He’s continued to work even harder. I think you guys – you’ve been out here – you can see the way he finishes those runs. It’s a positive problem when you have to tell your back in some of these move the ball, unscripted periods, ‘Hey, don’t finish all the way down the field because we need you back for the next snap.’ But, he’s been great. I think when you guys hear us talk about it a lot, when some of your players that are as productive as (RB) Todd (Gurley II), are the examples and the epitome of what it looks like to do right on the practice field and just continue to work day in and day out just to get better – you’ve got a chance, because usually everybody kind of falls in line and Todd’s been outstanding and you’ve heard me say it over and over, feel really fortunate to work with players like Todd.”

(On if anything from the conversation he had with General Manager Les Snead and Vice President, Football & Business Administration Tony Pastoors involved DT Aaron Donald)

“No, nothing came of it yet. We’re kind of right where we’ve been. There’s no new news on that front.”

(On if he’s pleased with the intensity and physicality during training camp)

“Yeah, we’ve done a good job the first five days where we got three days just to get kind of that acclimation period then two good days of work in the pads. Today represented our third day in the pads. So, gotten a lot of good situations. Guys are understanding exactly what we want to get done. Tomorrow represents another good day to come out, get some physical work in and then we’ll take another break on Friday. So, we need to come out ready to go tomorrow too.”

(On if S Lamarcus Joyner being in and out of practice is just a precaution or if he’s dealing with something)

“Yeah, that’s really just how they rotate on the backend. Sometimes depending upon the period or the rep rotation. (Safeties) Coach ‘E’ (Ejiro Evero) does an excellent job of getting those guys in and out, but that’s just because of how he’s rotating those guys.”

(On if he finds himself and the team having to rush and push to get things in because training camp is a little short)

“I think when we look at the entirety of it all, we still really have the same amount of practices. We just really looked at it having eight practices, eight walk-thrus in UC Irvine before we went to Baltimore. That kind of represents the entirety of our installs from a situational standpoint and the majority of the plays and concepts that we want to get in. So, don’t feel rushed. We want to make sure that we do a good job of maximizing these next two days. So by the time we go play against a really physical Baltimore Ravens team, we’re ready to go and get some good work out of that week that we’ll be there.”

(On if he took a day off yesterday)

“I took – let’s put it this way, I got a little bit more sleep. But, we got ahead a little bit. Fortunately, like you guys have heard me say, when you love what you do, you don’t really feel like you’re working. So, had some NFL Network on, got caught up with training camps around the league.”

(On how many hours of sleep he averages per night during training camp)

“I would say anywhere between five and six. Four-to-six, I guess. Depends on how much stress I have (laughs).”

(On if he feels refreshed after waking up from four-to-six hours of sleep)

“I feel pretty good. You know, yesterday I slept a lot. I felt like I was a bear in hibernation. I got about eight hours. But, I really feel fortunate that I’m kind of able to operate. Towards the latter half of the week, then you try to get a little bit more. But, you can go a few days in a row with that kind of sleep.”

(On if DT Aaron Donald’s situation keeps him up at night)

“Oh, every night. I wake up with nightmares about it (laughs). No. But yeah, that’s certainly something that you’d like to get taken care of. Let’s put it this way – I’ll sleep a lot better if we get that thing taken care of.”

(On what it’s like to have player guidance at any given position rather than having all communication come from the top down)

“We think that’s so important. We talk about being a connected team all the time. I think when you look at the way, especially our back end is playing, the way that they’re communicating amongst one another, working together, supporting each other – that’s what it’s about. I think (Cornerbacks Coach) Aubrey (Pleasant) and (Safeties Coach) ‘E’ (Ejiro Evero) have done an excellent job, but then you talk about some of the leadership that an (CB) Aqib Talib has provided. You look at the way that (CB) Marcus Peters – what he’s brought to our secondary and then seeing (CB) Nickell (Robey-Coleman), (S) John Johnson (III) and really (S) Lamarcus (Joyner) get another year of continuity together. It’s been exciting. (CB) Sam Shields is making a lot of plays out here, (CB) Troy Hill. So, we’re very excited about our backend and the continuity and the connectedness that those guys are representing.”

QB Jared Goff

(On how it is going through the week of practice and now in full pads)

“Great, great. We feel good, we feel like we’re in a good spot. We’ve been healthy which is the most important thing. We feel good, offensively we’ve been starting to click. I think today was the first day you really felt that consistency started to jell some more, we’re not so much installing anymore, we’re running the same plays over and over again and starting to get a good feel with it.”

(On what it’s like having WR Brandin Cooks to throw to)

“He’s been great, he’s been really good. He’s so freakin’ fast and can stretch the defense really well. Great teammate, great worker, good guy to have with us for sure.”

(On any other skills Cooks brings other than being fast)

“I mean, he’s good at everything pretty much. He’s exactly what you want in a receiver, he can run any route. I think his speed is what kind of sticks out and is what is very visible and tangible. Off the field and in communication and how he speaks to the offense and how he understands defenses is what really makes him an elite receiver and someone we love having. His ability to complement those other two guys I think is so important too.”

(On if he’s squeezing passes through some tighter windows during this training camp)

“I think the windows are smaller because our defense, our secondary is so good right now, I think they’re doing such a good job closing those windows and they’re forcing us to make those tight window throws. And yeah, there have been some that we’ve been able to connect on, but I think it’s been a credit to our defense, creating those windows and making it hard for us.”

(On what strides have been made and in camp so far)

“Yeah, yeah. It just continues to slow down, just everything continues to slow down and the defense becomes easier to recognize. Your pre-snap process is a lot smoother and you’re more under control of everything and you are seeing things better.”

(On if he got away yesterday)

“Yeah I went home. Yeah, it was nice.”

(On any noticeable differences in RB Todd Gurley II since the press conference after his contract was signed)

“He’s been quite happy. It’s been good, he’s been great. But, no, he’s been working as hard as he ever has and he looks fast right now I’ll tell you that. He looks good he looks really sharp and fast.”

(On if Gurley is teased about his contract at all)

“Yeah, yeah of course. He’s got this backpack that has all this money on it and we’re like, ‘What is that your signing bonus?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, well it looks like it’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know.’ He’s been good, no, he’s been getting a little bit of teasing, but no he’s been good.”

(On the bicycle that Gurley drives)

“Yeah, yeah that thing’s nice, huh? I think it’s like half electronic, half pedal and he takes it everywhere.”

(On if there is anything different going into the first preseason games after having two years of experience that will be different)

“I just, understanding the process of it. Yeah, it’ll be different for me going to Baltimore and practicing. That’s going to be new – I mean when practicing against their team and having to get, I guess we did it last year here with the Chargers, but going somewhere else will be new. Having to get the real reps in those practices and really try to make that as real as possible and focus even more so in practice because you are not playing your own guys. They’re not going to care to help with anything. It’s going to be full go and that’ll be a little different.”

(On how he has developed with WR Robert Woods and WR Cooper Kupp)

“Yeah, I continue to grow with them, I think as well. They’ve been great as well, have the same mindset as (WR) Brandin (Cooks) where, always communicating, always telling me what they like, always talking about the play and we’re starting to understand each other even further. They’ve both done incredible, they’re both huge pieces offense.”

(On if he feels pressure from OLB Samson Ebukam’s pass rush)

“Yeah, he’s good, he’s good. I think he’s going to have a really good year and it’s going to be exciting to watch coming from his rookie year where he didn’t play probably as much as he’d like to and had some flashes. This year I think he’s going to get a lot of snaps and have a good chance to tally up some sacks. It’s going be fun to watch, he’s an exciting player.”

RB Todd Gurley

(On how he feels about practice)

“Feel pretty good. It’s been going pretty good. (Head) Coach (Sean McVay) has been doing a great job with taking care of our legs and you know, still getting some good reps at the same time.”

(On if he feels happier after signing his contract)

“Whoever said money don’t make you happy, lied (laughs). I mean, you know it’s another year, another year to be blessed to play in this league and a lot of guys know, even the older guys know, it’s very hard to get to the third, fourth training camp. Each year is a special year being able to just come back out here with some of the same guys, but a different group of guys. It’s an exciting year for us and we got a great Coach, so we have to take advantage of the opportunity.”

(On if he is feeling more relaxed on the field)

“Yeah, just being out there, second year in the system. Like I said, Coach and all of the other coaches do a great job of explaining the install the day of and we have such a great walk-thru it just makes everyone so much more comfortable just to come out here and just play our game. You don’t have to think about it too much, that’s what it’s all about. Just come out here, have fun and play the game we’ve been playing our whole life.”

(On QB Jared Goff saying that he looks faster and if he can confirm that he is faster)

“No, I don’t feel faster. I still feel pretty fast, but I don’t feel faster. But I appreciate him, you know, hyping me up. I should’ve just went along with it.”

(On if he is still working hard after signing his new contract because some players work less after that)

“I mean, that’s just how you’re born, you know? It’s just how you work and I’ve never heard of that. I don’t really pay attention to it, it’s just, I got what I want now its keep going, keep going. It doesn’t stop, you know, the grind continues. It’s going to be even harder now, obviously, and to be able to do what I did last year. I mean obviously the teams are going to gameplan, so it’s my job to go out there and put myself in a great position and try to work hard as I can and as long as I do that I feel comfortable with the players around me and the coaches around me to put me in a great position. It’s my job to be in the best shape and be ready for whatever Coach throws at me.”

(On the importance of continuity on the offensive line and the unit as a whole)

“I mean, that’s what it’s all about. If you don’t have any linemen or you don’t have any receivers or tight ends that’s going to block for you, then it doesn’t matter who you have back there. You could have, I mean obviously (Lions HOF RB) Barry Sanders is going to do what he does, but it doesn’t matter without the running back you have back there, if you don’t have all eleven doing one thing on pace, then it’s not going to work, so (Run Game Coordinator) Coach (Aaron) Kromer, he’s one of the best in the business. (C John Sullivan) ‘Sully’, (T Andrew Whitworth) Whit, (G Jamon Brown) ‘JB’, (G) Rodger (Saffold III), (T Rob) Havenstein, they all do a great job with communicating. Like I said (Assistant Offensive Line) Coach Andy (Dickerson), Coach Kromer, they’re just such geniuses. Like I said, they just put, all of the coaches put us in such a great position to be successful, so it’s no excuse for us not to go out there and have a great year and great games and practices.”

(On if he’s looking forward to going back to Baltimore)

“Not really, but it is what it is.”

(On if he’s looking forward to anything in particular in Baltimore)

“I’m ready for the crabcakes, all the seafood. I’m tired of people serving Maryland style crabcakes and they don’t taste like them at all. I’m definitely looking forward to going to Jimmy’s Seafood and getting some great crabcakes. It’s going to be fun. Then, I get to see my family and stuff too, so it’ll be pretty cool. But, you know, but ready to get this whole camp thing out of the way.”

(On his mode of transportation for camp)

“You know, the golf cart man, people around here are just stealing your golf carts everyday. So great friend of mine, ‘Dave O’, gave me a gift for my birthday. A Super 73, you know like an electric bike and you can still pedal it. So while everyone else is going 10 miles per hour, I’m going about 15 to 20. Get from point A to point B pretty quick, and not getting my golf cart stolen. So it’s been a pretty good training camp so far.”