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Random Ramsdom 7/6: Steady as she goes

Not many fireworks in early July, but the prognosis for the 2018 Los Angeles Rams remains excellent

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams

2018 NFL schedule rankings, NFC West: Cardinals facing nightmare, 49ers look good | CBS

Over at CBS Sports, they’ve got the defending NFC West Champs playing the second toughest schedule in the division. Jimmy G and the Whiners apparently have the easiest slate, but their first four games will be the proof in their pudding.

Rams Feel Good About Depth at WR | Rams’ Official Site

Understandably, passing game coordinator Shane Waldron is bullish on the Rams receiving corps, with the addition of Brandin Cooks and returning depth and experience.

Todd Gurley Wants Fully Guaranteed Contracts | RamsWire

JTG would like to see NFL players receive fully guaranteed contracts. With the annual frenzy of NBA free agency in full swing, the ridiculous dollar amounts tethered to guarantees do make you scratch your head. Gurley suggests a strike is on the horizon.

Rams’ Playoff Odds: Favorable! | Ramblin’ Fan

I know this comes as a shocker to most of you, but people seem to think the Rams have a good chance to make the playoffs! (I promise, we’ll have actual real-live football stuff to write about soon)

NFC West Second Best Division Based on QB Play | 247 Sports

Largely based on the emergence of Jared Goff, 247 Sports likes the NFC West as the second best division in the NFL because of the QBs. Jiminy Gripaloaf, Sammy B / Josh Rosen, and REI model Russell Wilson round out the position.

Johnny Hekker: Better?! | Rams Wire

Apparently, Johnny’s been working on some “new kinds of punts.” I mean, you have ONE JOB, dude.